View Full Version : Different kind of minions to face?

02-19-2016, 10:44 AM
First off, I would like to give my appreciation to the developers team for making this game genre come true into the gaming community. Beside Ninja Gaiden series, this game For Honor greatly respond to my interest when it comes to experience the intensity of a battle, where every blow of a weapon triggers a fierce and vigorous feeling to every players heart.

I have realize that there are enough question that are already answered thanks to our dedicated warrior in this community. So here I wonder about the diversity of enemies that a player would face in the battlefield. Beside enemy players, what kind of enemy we will be expecting to face when we fight in a war?

I know that minions are what we will face in this current state, but what about a man with twice the size of an average human among the minions, or a couple of elite guard with heavy weapon who can actually fight, or even a skillful AI minion that will catch our attention as if that minion is not like the rest of the army? Having a variety of enemies on the field will surely make the battle more different through every encounter.

Again, I will be looking forward for its final product.

02-19-2016, 07:28 PM
It would be interesting to see an enemy that can slow player characters movements on the field, Perhapse a foe that can set traps like Caltrops(Samurai) Bear traps(Knight) or Bolas(Viking) meant to slow character movement. They would be worth taking down simply to remove the threat they pose but whomever takes them down would recieve a nasty debuff.

02-21-2016, 01:08 AM
This sounds like a good addition to skill/abilities for players mostly. But, If minions can do that, I think slowing down your opponent would slightly remove the purpose of the function Art of battle.

What I mean is that having function that will give you more advantage at winning in a duel than the Art of battle itself may add too much importance to any other factor such as debuff or minions. It may also not encourage players to fight others in a direct approach. I know that slowing down (or with minions) can be strategic to use, but it should not be dominant in every mode such as duel or anything similar to it.

It would be best to keep players in a clash of battle than using any factor that forces you not to fight.

02-29-2016, 09:25 PM
Id like their to be tougher or rather, more adaptable mininos to give the player hell to bring in some strategy elements into trying to take on the horde. Perhapse to the degree that it becomes neccisary for a powerup that reduces damage inflicted by minions or a similar effect that occurs during the "Breaking" factor of battle.