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02-19-2016, 12:03 AM
Gíday all.

I have a question on data usage to play the game. Does anyone know how much data is used to play the game over the internet or LAN. E.g does playing over internet use say about 100mb/hour average etc.

I play with my kids at home on hot seat and normally LAN but as I hear Multiplayer not working have only done HMM7 on hot seat.
But now I hear a few saying multiplayer seems to work now Iím thinking of playing with daughter in the city. But depending on data usage will dictate this as I can only have an expansive IP in my area.

I would also like to know LAN usage if possible as there are two ways I can play over the internet.
1: Not preferred way is through Uplay. I donít want this as there will be more overhead and when I link in they will try to force the patch download on me which I canít afford.

2: My preferred way is to tunnel through internet with a VPN and play as a LAN.

I would expect as it is turn based that communication is small, but you never know now and if we keep in-game chat down (or hopefully can turn off) it should not be continuous data transfer (we donít need in game chat as she can call me on phone as long as she wants for free).