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02-18-2016, 09:44 PM

I'm new to these forums but I'm a long-time fan of Heroes of Might and Magic games which I've been following since Heroes III.

Since I really like what you guys are doing with Heroes VII (re-imagining the old NWC Axeoth Universe which lacked the deserved attention). Therefore I would like to present some some suggestions for future patches/updates/dlcs in order to make a more Axeoth-immersive game.


Men of Axeoth DLC:
Changes the appearence,names and skills of Haven units to look like their Heroes IV / Heroes V NWC counterparts (but not their stats and skills - to preserve game balance):

Changes in Appearence, Name and Description Only (Not in stats and skills):
Crossbowman becomes Archer from Heroes V NWC (with bow)
Marksman becomes Crossbowman from Heroes IV

Sentinel becomes Pikeman from Heroes IV, no shield just pike -)
Praetorian becomes Defender, (Heroes V NWC pikeman with a shield)

Direwolf and Silverback remain the same.

Chaplain remains named Chaplain but looks like female priestess from Heroes V NWC
Abbot becomes Priestess (imagine somes sort of upgraded look for the priestess)

The Guardian and Justicar are simply retextured.

Cavalier becomes Cavalier from Heroes V NWC
Curiasser becomes Champion from Heroes IV

Landsknecht is renamed to Crusader and looks like Crusader from Heroes V NWC.
Swordmaster is renamed to Paladin and looks like Crusader from Heroes IV.

Seraph becomes Angel (much like Heroes 3 angel but with purple robe with golden griffin sewn)
Celestial becomes Archangel (Angel from Heroes IV)

Monsters of Axeoth DLC:
Changes the appearence,names and skills of some other faction's units to better fit with Heroes IV universe: Also makes some replacements in Necropolis, Sylvan and Academy:

Appearence/Name Changes:
[Academy]Colossi/Titans become human-like in a mix between the Heroes 2,3 and 4 styles.
[Stronghold] Brutes and Centaurs from Stronghold now Brutes/Crushers have boar heads and Centaurs are male.
[Stronghold] Wyverns look more like their Heroes V NWC counterparts
[Necropolis] Grim Rider / Reaper become Dark Knight / Dark Champion

[Academy] Cabirs with Halflings.
[Sylvan] Satyrs replace Dryads
[Sylvan] Griffins replace Blade Dancers
[Sylvan] Does/Deers with Unicorns.
[Necropolis] Lamasus with Venom Spawns.
[Necropolis] Spiders with Zombies

- (for Tales of Axeoth) Add more neutral units. White Tiger and Efreet are great! But there are more Axeoth creatures to add:
Leprechaun (As a "Core" monster)
Goblin Knight (As a "Core" monster)
Frenzied Gnasher (As an "Elite" monster)
Waspwort (As an "Elite" monster)
Ice Demon (As an "Elite" monster)
Evil Sorceress (As an "Elite" monster)
Mantis (As an "Elite" monster)
Cetus (Sea Monster) (As a "Champion" monster)
Gargantuan (As a "Champion" monster)
Frenzied Gnasher (As a "Champion" monster)
Megadragon (As a "Champion" or a Boss fight would be great)

*I de-graded Gnasher, Sorceress and Mantis as I did not want too many Champions + I don't picture them as equal to Dragons or Angels. I also do not picture Goblin Knights to be as powerful as Ice Demons.