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02-17-2016, 05:37 PM
That is right, riders, Community Spotlight is back!

This time around we're shining the spotlight on Psyhodelik, administrator of the French Trials Community over at Trials.FR.

I was lucky enough to personally spend some time with this guy and was thoroughly impressed with his tireless efforts and enthusiasm for Trials and the community. He is absolutely a true legend of the Trials scene.

So let's hear from the man himself.

First off, tell us all a little about yourself.

Iím a 33 year old gamer and a young dad to a 3 year old daughter. Iíve been a gamer since my childhood. Iím also an administrator for the French Community on Trials.fr which is in a fan partnership with Ubisoft. This is a great adventure with the site and community for almost two years now. We have utilized this community and partnership to create tournaments, contests, building contests, and many other things to help enrich the community and enjoy the Trials world. I couldnít possibly list everything we do as a community, there is simply too much to type it all here.

But I will mention a couple things that I am proud I was a part of.

The RTC2 contest which was created and organized by Sheyro with the help of fellow community members. RTC2 produced such beautiful tracks that the English community started calling this contest ďThe French DLCĒ and the Trials team even made the tracks into a special Uplay Recommended drop. I have some great memories of this tournament.

RTC2 Video Playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY0i08rJ6hGhK6R-rcpVwHOPnDLHOE-pr)

The BCC4 which was created and organized by Bloddae. This track building contest with a featured theme yielded some extremely creative and high quality tracks. Now with cross platform, itís going to be even easier to have this sort of tournament.

For all of these, Ubisoft gave good prizes (like games, t-shirt, goodies) to give to our winners. Great thanks to Ubisoft for all this support.

I go to conventions from time to time with my TV and console to show the game to the people. Itís really great and fun to see how everyone takes a different approach to the Trials Franchise and enjoys it in different ways.

For 2016, we have a lot of fun things planned. We are slowly preparing the BCC5, which is starting in a little over a month, I think, if we setup everything in time, the Birthday Challenge, in April normally, for the second anniversary of Fusion and the site, and then the RTC3 later in the year.

What was your first Trials game?

My first Trials game was Trials HD, when it came out with the Summer of Arcade on Xbox 360 with ĎSplosion Man.

What is your first memory of Trials?

I already loved this kind of game before and even played a bunch of basic flash games with the same inspiration, but Trials HD brought a big graphic slap and perfect physics which was really fun with a gamepad. Itís more than addictive, itís pure fun, pure pleasure, and I just want more and more and more of that feeling.

What makes you come back again and again to Trials?

What I have loved the most in Trials is the Track Central. I love to travel to all these crazy universes to see how far the imagination of a track builder can go. And after all these years, I still feel envy to see new universes and crazy ideas that pop out of their minds. Aside from that, I love to compete against myself and to break my record on a track.

Whatís your favorite Trials related memory?

I have many great memories with Trials like the first time I passed Inferno 3, the first time I passed Inferno 3 with 0 faults, the first time I passed a Ninja level 1 or 2, and marvelous memories of playing all the tracks made by astonishing and talented creators. Builders like Team of 5, DragonMICKY, kronenb, THDTE, IZEZ PRiNCESS and many, many more. The list was so huge and so rich.

And yes, almost forgot. Glory4Gaming and Sony invited me to Paris Games Week to do commentary on a Trials Fusion Tournament. I did this commentary with Tequilaz, wonderful guys and great Rocket League players. A unique experience, really impressive, fun, and stressful at the same time.

Whoís your biggest rival?

Like I said above, my biggest rival isÖ me. I compete against myself and itís really great when I break my old record by few seconds sometimes.

Recently you visited the RedLynx Studio in Helsinki. What was that experience like for you?

That was just incredible, like dreaming with my eyes open. Such a great adventure and a great opportunity. I cannot find words to express how grateful and thankful I am for this trip.

In the beginning I was really nervous because I never had any feedback about my English. I didnít know if I was going to understand it and at the same time if people were going to understand me and what I said. But it seemed pretty cool and my English is not as bad as I had thought.

The principal part of this trip for me was making friends with the other players. Itís cool to put some faces to the simple gamertags, but I didnít expect to make friends with very strong links like this. These people were so enjoyable to be around, kind, funny, gentle, cool, wonderful, good.... In a few hours, I was talking with all of them like we were old friends. They became real true friends in just 4 days. This is crazy, big cheers to Blazejp, Niborhat, Blubbil, Morfyboy, Pleikka, Swamballs, Fluffy princess, Terixeri and his brother, Sandholm and InquisitorFIN. I hope I didnít forget someone. If I did, you have the right to slap me.

The arcade night was great to close up our link and making good memories. Unforgettable encounters with Antti, Blue Badger, Cannibal Shogun and Mattshotcha. I was also able to talk in French a little with my friend DragonMICKY. So many things, I know that I have forgotten many things.

And yeah, the heavy cold is funny and unfunny at the same time.


Whatís the best part about the Trials community?

One of the best parts about this community is the feeling of taking part in something bigger than a simple group of players on the same game. Itís friendship with a strong feeling of being a part of a real family. Iím not making a list of every member that I loveÖ Because, I always forget someone and that is really sadÖ But even after all these years and these adventures I still feel this need to continue this trip with this bunch of people. Itís indescribable.

Another part of the Trials Community I love is the open mindedness and open hand offered to someone who needs help on some obstacle or someone who is having a problem with the editor. The community is always ready to help new and old members.

What would you like to say to all the readers?

Trials is unique in the world of gaming and it brings something fun for almost all types of gamers, such as hardcore, casual, creator, and so onÖ The community is really enjoyable and lovable for sharing fun and epic moments in the game and out of the game on the sites and forums. If you have never played Trials, just give it a small chance. Maybe it will be your new favorite game, maybe notÖ But you will have some fun for sure.

A last few words and a very big thanks to Black Dev and Tonne from Absolute Gaming who built the site Trials.fr. Without them, I couldnít have done it. Thanks to Guunners and Chaaampy for helping me so much with their great advice, ideas, and for their work with the community and the site. Psykoz and Peqz for running the Ninja side of the game in an amazing way. HpDante for being a legend, and many, many, many other pillars of the French Community like Steph59, Katin, Kodjo86, Pwaro, ouuf7, WilliamÖ And like I said above, Iím sure I forgot someone. So Iím really sorry for this. I owe you a beer for it one day, please excuse me.

Thank you for your time and for reading a little bit about me.


Psyhodelik on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/psyhodelik)

The home of the French Trials Community (http://trials.fr/)

Follow Psyhodelik on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Psyhodelikus)

02-17-2016, 07:21 PM
Awesome guy Psy. You fully deserve this Spotlight. There is so much stuff you do for this community, especially on the French side of things, that a lot of people won't realise the scale of it..
Until now.
Bravo my good friend. And, Tres Bien. :)

02-18-2016, 09:14 AM
A Top read from an Awesome guy..
If I could sum up this Community in one word, there is no doubt i'd use Magical.
A Community that is strong and unwavering. And one that never stops to suprise you :)
..Magnifique ;)

02-20-2016, 07:37 PM
<3 ;)

02-25-2016, 08:51 AM
Thanks for all your word guys :3