View Full Version : Idea for 2 new Operator, what do you guys think?

02-14-2016, 04:44 PM
I have a two ideas for new operators for the upcoming updates.

An Operator who can see trough smoke grenades with thermal vision. I know this sounds pretty overpowered, but the range of him seeing could be limited and the Thermal vision could have a delay, unsharp picture. Another way to limit him would be to not let him use the Thermal vision and the gun at the same time. I got this idea from playing Rainbow Six Vegas again, it would be awesome to see something like this in Siege.

An Operator who has breach flash charges. When he sets of his breach charge he also flashes anyone looking at the object he is breaching on both sides.

An operator who could place microphones around the map. When an attacker runs past the mic the defender could receive a warning. This would give away the positions of enemys, but not the direction they are going or who they are.

Would be great to hear from you guys what you think about those ideas and how they would change the game if they were to get implemented.