View Full Version : Dear Kapkan, please...

02-14-2016, 12:05 AM
I am playing this game about 3 months and I want to say couple of things.
First of all: Kapkan. This operator has been usefull in first 2-3 weeks after game started, now its completly useless. I started to play him since 2-3 days only(about 5-10 matches a day) and I took like maybe 3-4 kills from my traps.

To be honest I tried everything, placing traps here and there, putting barricades or even destroing them within two hits. Of course this situation is because of BIG RED screw and RED laser. I dont know how much time I spent to try to hide this freakin THING, placing barricades. wires or even requesting my other teammate to put a shield behind it.
The other fact is that Kapkan has ONLY ONE speed. I know there's a lot of OP's that has 2 or 3 but seriously he should be more flexible I cant put traps, barricade and destroy drones at the same time. Think about Kapkan again and please rework him.

You can give him only two traps but for god's sake dont make them so visible, work with his speed and maybe try to focusing on other things with his booby traps than windows and doorways. You have made good Frost but compering her with Kapkan is pointless and there is HUGE abyss between them. Thank you guys for reading, sorry for my english and I hope some DEV's will say something about this request, see you ingame!

10-05-2016, 07:28 PM
Kapkan needs buff again.
Increase speed at least.