View Full Version : Birth Of a Rogue Agent

02-12-2016, 08:16 PM
So there I was, a lone agent headed towards the area of New York City designated as the "Dark Zone." I have to admit, I'm nervous, this area is so contaminated by the virus and overrun with crime they walled it up to keep it contained, just barricaded it and moved on. I can't though, I can't just walk away from it right now, something is calling me to this place and I have to answer.

I scan my credentials and the door just opens, it was actually kind of cool. I take the first step in and a person almost immediately starts yelling "You'll regret not buying this!" I snap my eyes to where it came from and it's just some merchant. Curiosity took over and I looked at their wares, mostly junk. I start to head towards the door and the merchant starts telling me of what it's like out there, it can't be true, no agent would do what he is saying. Whatever, back to business. Now, as I stare at the exit of this chamber I start pumping myself up getting ready for the lunacy and cut-throat life that is just beyond this impressively well made door, my hearts going a mile-a-minute. That door seems like overkill, but surely there is a reason why they feel the need for such a door. As I open the door he has some parting words, I couldn't hear him that well because of the room being pressurized to keep the virus out but I think he said something about suicide.

I'm nervous... no I'm scared.

I'm immediately hit by the foulness of death and disgust. I now understand what the merchant meant, you'd have to want to deal with death to just voluntarily come here. I start walking down the streets that are littered with the bodies of those that got infected. I was so awestruck by the devastation this caused to my city, my home, that I forgot the put on my gas mask... ****. I quickly put on my gas mask, I think I was able to get it on faster than I ever have while practicing to put it on, I guess I was more motivated this time.

This is way worse than I could have ever Imagined.

I start my journey into this abyss of death and disease with a well thought out screw it, I guess I'll go this way." Make no mistake, I'm no rookie, I've seen and lived some intense situation. This, this though, it just wasn't right. Four agents, the same people I am, whom have sworn an oath to the city, the country, answering to only the president have forsaken everything "The Division" stands for. I watch as four agents that are meant to help, killing each other and thank god they aren't going after civilians. They must have been rogue for awhile now as there is a bounty on their head, never one to pass up doing something stupid I start to follow them and watch as they kill agent after agent. "God, I must be crazy to come here without backup" I thought to myself, but then something happened.

The four rogue agents come across a group of three agents that despite their best efforts succumbed to then, but what an effort it was. The four rogues and hurting and not healing, must be out of Med-kits. Me? I'm far to smart to take on four people by myself, I just saw them kill three people and I'm here without backup, not happening. But I can't stop looking at them and how injured they are. They take off towards a subway entrance and hide, I don't know what I was thinking but I followed. They just went to a dead end... and unlucky for them I can see that.

"I'm far to smart for this" I thought to myself...

I run closer to the entrance of the tunnel, mind is going a mile a minute, didn't that merchant mention something about suicide? "Glory or silence, how do I want to die" I ask to myself... "Glory." I take aim at the wall next to them "I can still walk away" I think to myself. But before I knew what happened I shot a Sticky Grenade between them and I just in case, "I'm far to smart for this." I throw a grenade at them, let me tell you about this throw, this is probably the best throw I have even done, it seems I'm breaking a few personal records today. This grenade landed right at their feet, "perfect" *BOOM*. one goes down but not dead, I can't let him get the help he needs so I start shooting at these thugs. It's strange, I was legitimately shocked that they started shooting back, I don't know why but I didn't expect them to do anything, just thought they'd accept their fate.

I take cover behind a box and hailmary another grenade at them. *BOOM* They aren't shooting anymore, they're all down. I look at them and see 1 dead rogue agent and 3 injured, something happens, it was like a light switch, I wish I could understand why but I kind of sympathize with them, but I hate them at the same time for what they made me do. I take the gear they had and it's so contaminated I wouldn't be able to do anything with it but who knows, there is no way the people at the border of the Dark Zone will let me walk out with this infected stuff, that'd be crazy. So I leave, leave the bodies of these rogue filth, disgusting rogue agents should be hunted down and strung up for all to see, I hope they enjoy rotting.

"what the hell am I doing?"

I start running again towards some gunshots I hear, and it doesn't take long for me to find some other agents that just killed a rogue too. "Can I trust these people" I wonder, not sure if you can trust anyone here really. I proceed with caution and let my presence be known and say I'm friendly, they lower their weapons and we start joining up. They tell me how to keep these items I got from the rogue agents. They tell me about an evac you can get for contaminated stuff and they will clean it, we go there together as they too have items needing cleaning. When we get to a clearing one of them shoots a flair into the sky and we set up a perimeter to watch our backs while we wait since it's very noticeable. "Hurry up, man this takes forever" I think to myself because this thing is taking so long, it seems like an eternity. More and more people show up and this is becoming tense, no one trusts each other at all, why would we trust them, I don't know these people. It's an uneasy truce to say the least, I feel we're one misstep away from all out chaos and a huge firefight, I think they feel it too.

I don't know if it was an accident or what but when I put a sticky grenade down next to one of the ways to us just in case, he started shooting at me, what a mistake that was. The people I'm with, my new friends, see him go rogue and that he's attacking me and down him no problem at all. That merchant mentioned suicide, I'm understanding that now. His friends saw them attacking and respond in kind, now I'm shooting at these agents, the people whom are supposed to protect are now attacking each other... somethings weird though... I look at these 3 people, my friends, they just killed 3 people because they attacked me. "I can kill them all." Like a light switch something happens. I shoot a sticky bomb into the ground between us, they don't care, why would they I'm their friend, they don't do anything. Like a light switch something changed.

I truly didn't plan on this, but something has changed.


Sorry friends