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02-11-2016, 06:13 AM
I currently have about 100 hours into siege and I have picked up on, discovered, and found out many different ways to trick the enemy. Now none of these tactics are cheating, hacking or unfair in any way. They are just fun and not so noticeable tactics to use in siege. Note that some of these tactics I did not create but either saw people in game use them or saw them in various tactic forums here. I also want to note that I plan on updating these “Dirty Tactics” as I come across them with different volumes. Now let’s get straight to it.

Attackers General

When possible, on the bomb gamemode, once you have placed your diffuser have 1 or more or even your whole team leave the area and repel to the edges of the area so when enemies go in to stop the diffuser you can get the jump on them by shooting from outside in the windows.
When it is drone phase on hostage, once you find hostage use the hostage as cover so the enemy might shoot the hostage (note that on defender you can stop this dirty tactic by knifing the hostage as it does no damage to them).

Defenders General

Like stated above on Hostage gamemode and attacker drones are harrassing the hostage baiting you to shoot the hostage, dont shoot. Instead of shooting, knife the drone as it does zero damage to the hostage.
To counter the above window tactic there is a easy and less risky way of eliminating the enemy team on the windows by simply leaving the building and going outside to shoot them from above/behind.
This next tactic is most likely the riskiest of them all. I have seen this work a couple times but what you do is on the defenders side on hostage you camp right behind the hostage as the enemies are breaching. If you can’t get an angle on the enemy then shoot the hostage in the chest till they are down. If done right the enemy may think they downed you instead and shoot to finish you off and kill the hostage by mistake. This tactic is incredibly risky and will cost you the round if done incorrectly. The sheer joy however of pulling this off is worth it in my mind.


Place your laser tripwire trap behind a deployable shield in a doorway that way if enemies vault over the shield they are blown to meaty bits.
Place your laser tripwire trap on a breakable door or window (building entry doors work the best) and bash the door/window twice so enemies can vault through the shield into your trap.


Place Frost's welcome mat behind a deployable shield either in a hallway or door (door works best) and when a enemy vaults over the shield they are chomped and eagerly wait for you to end their pain.
Just like Kapkan you can bash breakable windows and doors and place a welcome mat below the door/window to get the same effect as the Kapkan trap (just without the death).
There are grey/black carpet that you can find throughout siege maps (Chalet works the best) that looks very similar to the color of the welcome mat. Simply place the welcome mat on the carpet and wait.
Place frost trap in rubble of broken barricades as it both disguises the trap and leads the enemy into a false sense of security by thinking a teammate might have already gone through it.


Grab a teammate with a deployable shield and ask them to put it in the middle of a hallway or my favorite, doors. Then as bandit place your car battery behind it so it makes the shield electrified. This tactic is known by most however you can take it one step further and place your barbed wire behind the shield as well. The car battery will electrify both. When an enemy goes to vault over the shield not only will they take initial damage from the shield but take even more damage with the barbed wire.


With Ash’s breaching weapon, if you know a enemy is above you on the next floor and as long as the floor isn’t concrete, you can breach below them and kill them if not down them or severely hurt them.

As I noted in the beginning of the post I do plan on making more of these if people like it and as more tactics are fund out as I love this game a lot. If you know of a tactic that is clever and fun please leave a comment below so others reading and see them as well. I might also add them in the next volume of "Valco's Dirty Tactics".