View Full Version : Frost Traps

02-05-2016, 04:46 AM
So since I've been using both the new DLC operators (when people don't kick me randomly even though I wait 5 seconds to give others the chance to pick them) Frost's bear-trap ability is amazing.

But there's a couple of tricks to learn with her (and quick). Placing traps in the open are easily spotable so there are four levels of trap settings.

The first level is at the top of any staircase people much climb as they will not be looking below them when they are watching for the top of the stairs for players.

The second level is directly behind wooden doors, like kapkan trip wires, people don't expect a trap to be directly behind a random wooden door.

The third level is below any window the enemy may breach in, they will not be focusing on directly below the window and will be instantly trapped the moment they enter the room through the window.

The final level is my favourite. Set up a barricade in a doorway that the enemy can jump over, however, directly behind the barricade, have a bear trap ready to catch their feet.

I still have to train more with her, but I think mixing Frost, Kapkan, Mute, Bandit and Castle. You can make almost any room unbreachable if used right I believe.