View Full Version : N. America/West Coast Ranked Team Build For Future ESL play

02-02-2016, 12:52 AM

I am looking to build a ranked PC team for ESL gameplay. Team will be built on these factors. Please submit information in thread. This is a PC team.

~Info: Name or handle, age, and any basic info you want to share like hobbies. Not mandatory.

~Location: This will be a N. American WC team. Location will be a large factor due to the servers. I live in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Living close can also give us chances for meet-ups and LAN team-ups.

~Practice Scheduling: I want to be able to have 2 x 2 hour practices per week, plus random casual play with anyone who is online together. We will practices all tactics and learn to work together to be a force to be reckoned with.

~Operators: Please list your top 2 operators, in order, for both attacking and defending. Make a thoughtful decision because that will who you will be on our team and you will be expected to master the use of that operator as a member of the team. First to choose will get first choice operator, trading will be ok after draft as long as agreed between players.

Future possibilities for team include:

~Tournaments: Travel to events where we can compete professionally.

~Channels: Twitch and Youtube channels that can potentially fund the team for things from airplane tickets to tournaments and even hardware upgrades for whole team!

~Sponsorship: Funding, gear, travel expenses, hardware and software, and even fame!

I look forward to building an awesome team and making new friends! My ambitions are large but we will take things one step at a time. Name for team will be voted on once all 5 players are assembled.

I will give a sample of my entry for the team.

~ Kyle, 29, I live on the central coast so I like to Surf, MTN bike, hike, rock climb, etc. I also like to ride my 2015 Zx6-r.

~SF Bay Area, CA

~Practice times anyday at 11am-1pm and 12am-2am

~Attackers: (1)Glaz (2) Twitch
Defenders: (1) Kapkan (2)Smoke