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The Pointman
Tank, Mob Wrangler, Distraction, Flank King

In modern law enforcement Tactics, the Pointman is the first man through the door in any breaching scenario, equipped with a personal shield, heavy armor, and a pistol; The Pointman's job is to deflect fire taken from the initial entry, reducing the risk for the rest of the team and allowing them a safe entry point from breached door.

In Tom Clancy's The Division, the Pointman is much the same, he leads the way, and kicks off the engagement, setting up the Mobs for more advantageous damage, controlling groups through the use of Grenades, and when he fails to draw the attention of his enemies, lining up heavy damage through liberal use of his sidearm.

The Skills
What makes the Pointman Work

Ballistic Shield
The Ballistic Shield is our creme de le creme, our bread and butter, our soul food as it were. The Ballistic Shield forces us to use our pistols, but provides us with an Armor Stat for damage we take in a 130 degree arc in front of us, which is a lot of play if we position ourselves right. The Ballistic Shield may seem rather worthless to a lot of folks, with Pulse Scan, and Sticky Bomb around, but Skill Power makes our Shield rather OP. At 2,000 Skill Power, our shield has over 15,000 Health Points, gives us 15% damage resistance, and a 15% damage boost to our pistols. Further, the upgrades for the Ballistic Shield will give us a lot of DPS, Survival Potenial, or all around group utility.At the moment only our Damage Boost and Health Pool increase with out Skill Power, I put up a thread asking for them to loop our Damage Resistance into it as well. As well, this ability will increase your Threat Generation by 50%, however that is unlisted.

Mod#1: Reactive Targeting
Any time our shield takes damage, we pulse scan the target who dealt it. This marks enemies on the map, there is no bonus damage, however the Shield's Health bar doubles.

Mod#2: Assault Shield
Personally the one I plan to use the most, as further boosting our main-stay pistol's damage is just golden to me, possibly giving us the ability to control groups of enemies if the Knockdown chance is high enough.This just gives you a 10% increase to the damage buff you already have.

Mod#3: Kinetic Breaker
Probably the most useful for the solo-player, any damage your shield takes, you get back as HP.You get back 25% of the damage your shield takes.

Master Mod:
After a certain period of time without taking damage, your shield starts to regen, so you won't have to throw it away after every fight.

Support Station
After some play, I find that Support Station is your best bet. Throwing it down on your friendlies gives you 15% Skill Recovery for its entire duration thanks to our Talents, which helps keep this up, and helps get our Shield and Signature Skill up more often. The only real option for this in term of Modifications is Ammo Cache.

Signature Ability

Recovery Link

Any Signature ability is viable -- and I'd honestly take what your party lacks (1 Recovery Link, 1 Survivor Link, and 2 Tactical Links is probably ideal), but to me, Recovery Link does the most for me as the tank, since I can overheal myself and get a buffer to incoming damage.


On The Move - This talent is an absolute necessity, and you should be getting kills as your Pistol and its damage should be able to finish enemies off rather quickly, which will give you 30% damage resistance outright.

Critical Save - At the moment this bugged, once you fall below the damage threshold, you get the 40% Damage Resistance.

Triage - This will essentially give you a permanent 15% skill recovery thanks to Support Station.

One is None - Repo Reaper is useless, there's plenty of Resupply stations in the game, especially on Missions. One Is None will extend your magazine essentially by 50%, which brings you up to 20 rounds with a well modded M1911, or to 3 rounds with a Sawn Off. Its more Damage Potential, more Threat, More chances to proc On the Move.

The Gear
What's the Pointman's Stats

The Pointman's primary focus for weaponry should be in their sidearm, and that choice of Sidearm from what we've seen of the Beta, should be the:

M1911/M45A1 Tactical .45 Colt Pistol
The M1911 sits between the M9 and the Revolver, with 7 rounds, and 500+ damage per shot. However, more importantly, its primary weakness (magazine capacity) is able to be modded away, as the M1911 is the only Pistol so far revealed to accept a Magazine slot. As of the January Beta, the best Extended Magazine mod one can obatain is 40% more ammo, which brings the M1911 to 11 rounds of ammo. This pistol is able to pump a lot of damage, within range and with appropriate buffs, I've seen more than my fair share of 2k and 4k headshot criticals.

Thanks to unlimited ammunition for Sidearms, you never have to worry about running out of bullets in a pinch, which means you can forgo supply drops, giving you more time ahead of your team to get set up in an advantageous position. Keep your eyes peeled for upgraded 1911's at all times, as these are your primary weapons essentially.

The Tactical and M45A1 versions of this pistol also allows us to equip the pistol with a Small Grip item, meaning a Laser Pointer. However, the Double Barrel Sawn Off is also a suitable selection.

As for Primary Weapons

We'll want an SMG or LMG for one slot, and a Shotgun for our second slot. This build is a Close Quarters Combatant, and Shotguns utterly dominate that sector (outside of our magnificently buffed out M1911). Not to mention, with the appropriate gloves, Shotguns can gain bonus damage at an absurd rate, able to pump out 5-10k non crits if every pellet lands on its target. For Shotguns, we'll want to lean towards semi-auto shotguns like the Saiga and the M1014.

SMGs are next, and they're far less of a primary than the Shotgun is, however, thanks to the inherent Critical Chance bonus -- SMGs work very well along side Pulse Scan carrying allies, and high Crit Damage armors. For SMGs we'll want high capacity, modable weapons, so stick close to MP5's and UMP45's.

LMGs are our last category of primary weapon, and its entirely for long range control. Thanks to the LMG's ability to apply Suppression, which locks a Mob in Cover for 5 seconds. The M60, M249, and the LMG36 will be our preferred guns for this role, as we'lre not looking for damage, or hits, but for our Suppression. Also, these can be very deadly in CQB in a pinch.

As for your armor stats, you'll want to focus on Armor, reducing incoming damage you take affects your shield, Skill power, as this buffs your Cooldown, HP for your Shield, and how much health/damage you deal from your other abilities. Stamina and Electronics should be your main focus, as you are a tank, and Weaponry does next to nothing for you thanks to our relatively low damage weaponry (Flat Damage boosts get us more damage than percentage boosts, and it'll hurt us in the long run).

As for Minor Stats, I personally prefer Critical Damage and Critical Chance, but there's minor attributes in the game that may play more into our particular build.

Weapon and Gear Perks, you'll want to lean towards things like Talented (executioner), or a Critical Chance buff etc.

AS OF 3/14/2016

You want to Stack Electronics, and mod your armor with Stamina (Your holster too). The Health of your shield is the most important stat if you want to do this.

Damage Resistance vs. Elites is a must as well. Skill Power and Pistol damage follow shortly, along with Burning Resistance. You need to maintain control of your character.

Currently, the Shield's healthpool isn't affected by our stats as far as I can tell, so raw Health is all you have. Armor maxes out at 65% or 4600 so get there WITHOUT USE OF AN ARMOR TALENT. You will not be in cover, therefore you will not have use of that 45% value boost.

I have not been able to verify if this build is useful outside of Hard Mode Difficulties because I don't have the right build to use it in Challenging and I have been avoiding the Dark Zone. SMGs and LMGs at the moment are my weapons of choice, but Pistols are still your most important weapons for this build so invest in them heavily.

Damascus is not ideal for this build, the high fire rate results in a much lower base damage and you can only modify it with a Muzzle.


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Gonna bump this for the Game release!

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nice guide

i hope you will get us some more informations soon like talents..

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This would've been super handy yesterday as I was going head first into enemy fire while my friends used my body as a shield lol

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Anyone try this out since launch?

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Yeah -- I have, as of right now, the Armor Life on the Shield is not substantial enough to withstand much if any punishment in Endgame -- however in Hard Difficulty and lower, if you have sufficient Skill Power, you'll do fine.

Threat Mechanics are still up in the air. Even at a 40% Threat difference I can't keep attention off of my teammates. Right now my Gunner Build is performing the best at this role in Challenging but its not performing THAT well.

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Updated with Current information!