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01-31-2016, 05:28 AM
This is just some beta feedback, have seen some but not all on here already. Ok, first off, obviously be nice if you fix the disappearing\reappearing way point and distance markers. Also, should be able to set way point on found map locations from inside DZ safe houses.
As for the DZ, it's great but has some problems that seem kind of big to me. First, when I first entered the DZ I was finding tons of locked chests that either required a key, or you had to be a certain level to open them. I was finding them in the first day of the Xbox one beta, and I was finding them today on my dads account, which is DZ lvl 4. Since hitting DZ lvl 10 on my account I haven't seen a single chest to open related to lvl, not one. I've also been carrying two DZ keys since Friday of the beta, and I've not seen a single locked chest to open since acquiring a key. I've tried different times of day and nothing works, I can't find them anywhere.
As for PVP combat in the DZ, it works for the most part, but has some issues. Being locked in the DZ due to combat isn't cool. People camp outside the checkpoint doors, killing you as soon as you come in. The result is no one can leave, and no one can get into the DZ. it's incredibly annoying to want to leave the DZ and be unable to because some ******* won't leave you alone. It's also very annoying when you are fighting the computer in the DZ and some idiot runs right into your line of fire, making you rogue. You need to change the rogue threshold in some way, it's far too easy, through your error or someone's else's error, to become rogue.
Also, some people are just being brutal campers and general jerks in the DZ to the point that I've spoken to some beta players who say they are deciding between not getting the game or just never going in the DZ because of it. Need to find a way to separate the jerks out, maybe divide the groupings not just by your DZ lvl but also by how often you go rogue. With how easy it is for people to screw you over and prevent you from being able to leave the DZ or go into the DZ safe houses, even if you have a 3 man team, it kills any incentive to go into the DZ in the first place. The gear just isn't worth it, you won't ever be able to extract. best you can hope for is to get enough AI guys killed that you can go to a check point and buy some DZ gear before the campers find you. That way maybe you can get some good gear.
By the way this isn't sour grapes, I've got some really good gear, and other then the chests not had and any problems other than run of the mill beta issues. I've been really enjoying the game and had a lot of fun. However, if not all of the people I know personally or through my friends list in Xbox have been having all the aforementioned problems, especially with campers and jerks in the DZ.

01-31-2016, 08:42 AM
I was like a little more stealth or give more way to flank NPC.

01-31-2016, 09:07 AM
Love the beta smooth running great combat engine, only things I have wrong with it is there is no crouching or prone controls, also in the dz there is some sort of hack or glitch players are using. When you take cover you randomly start getting hit without hearing any gunfire or seeing any bullets hit you and no one is around. Further more when you die from tat it says no one has killed you so you can't see a gamer tag to report to Microsoft for hacking. If you need to see proof find ii LeGeNdZz 302 there is a video in his newsfeed of exactly what happens which might help clarify what I am talking about.

01-31-2016, 09:51 AM
I've been waiting to be able to play this game for what seems like forever, and I'm loving every minute I get to. But I do have a few questions. Are you guys thinking about putting in a survival mode? If so, would it be a possibility you make it at least 20 waves with more than just 5-10 enemies per wave?

Another question I have is about our time spent in the beta. Will we be reset back to level 1 at full release, or will we be able to keep our levels and gear from single player and The Dark Zone modes?

My last question. Are there going to more PVE enemies in freemode, and more of them?

Thanks for the invite to play!! Keep up the great work, I'm hyped for the full release!!!

01-31-2016, 11:06 AM
I have come across some bugs and problems in the DZ
1. When you go into the underground tunnels boxes said only open dz level 8 was lvl 7 kill cleaners and a Rogue agent Leveled up to DZ level 8 when back to open the boxes but could not open them.
2. In the underground you can get Heavily armoured cleaner to move into a corner when coming down the stairs for a cheese spot he will not move or shoot you please fix
3. Was using a gesture to say hi to the other player and sorry for shooting him when got shot by somebody else and then couldn't come out of gestures i was locked on the gesture screen had to log out.
4. People camping outside the safe house you die respawn in the Safe House walk outside and get killed.The safe house has front door exit side Alleyway exit and scaffold exit but you should have a roof access get onto the roof and go to different house and down or side access so you can actually go into the joining house and then go out that way to give yourself as many possibly points to exit so players can't just camp outside and kill you. But in full game proberly going to be more than one safe house but more exits like roof would be great.
5. Shooting a rogue agent another player walks in front of me and I shot them We kill the rogue agent I said sorry to the other player walked away I went down the road around a corner Into a dead end went prone to look at my map to decided were i wanted to go, next second I'm getting shot and killed no idea where the shoots are coming from you can't see them and it doesn't tell you in the left hand corner who killed you.
6. Opening boxes/cases/bag if you press open at the wrong time your agent does a Weird stupid dance trying to open them you have to move away then come back or you at stuck there.
7. Have the same problem with red screen when you die but only if die while trying to heal yourself then I get red screen. If I die and don't heal then its fine and does not happen.
8. Going into the DZ see players waiting as you enter walk past them and they kill you, has to be some sort of fix were they can not kill you when entering DZ. I think in the real games we should have more than one Entrance into the DZ so should not be as big of a problem then. But a timers were you can not get shoot by players or a zone around entrance that if you camp and kill you lose points.

Can not wait for full game good job so far great game but please add kneeling and crouching PLEASE

01-31-2016, 11:37 AM
I doubt going prone will be a thing, you can crouch when using cover.
I assume this is on purpose so you can't just abuse the 3rd person stuff.

I sometimes get killed by randoms through walls and stuff but i assume it's just extreme lag.

My problem is more of a BETA exclusive though, people with bounties will run out of bounds and be teleported to a safehouse.

Besides this, mostly running smoothly.
Disappointed my High-end double barrel copped a nerf but i saw it coming, 2-shotting anything is obviously a big problem, I suppose.