View Full Version : Idea's and problems/bugs I've come acrossed

01-31-2016, 01:27 AM
Idea's I think the assault rifles need 5 to 10 percent accuracy and stability added to them the SMG'S needs about the same amount of range shotguns I think are a little bit underpowered but still good to use the marksman rifles bounce to much the amount of kick back on them is more than what's ever intended on any marksman rifles but it could be me lol the LMG'S I would have to say definitely need a damage and range buff I think their way to week compared to the assault rifles and smg's in a stand off of 20 yards both assault rifles and smg's are more superior to the LMG'S where at that close of a cross fire the LMG'S should have no problem defending it's soldier the PISTOLS on the other hand is pointless I've had to use my pistol as a last resort and even up close they still don't effect another player as much as possible and another thing I don't see anyone using them in the dark zone that's all the type of weapons I've came in contact with. PROBLEMS AND BUGS. When about to die in the dark zone and the screen is red and then dieing on the spot and respawn back unfortunately to say the screen is still red and running around the dark zone with a red screen and the only way to fix this to my knowledge is to log out and come back. Going rogue has 1 bad thing it's probably the beta though rogues who are running end up running out of bounds and keep running until the 6 second timer runs out end up getting teleported to the safe house and rogue status removed the loot chests don't even work on the first day they did so hopefully it can be fixed by the time the game comes out and the worst thing I've actually came across and I definitely do not like this there is glitches that puts you under the map me and my friends has been killed from this many times and I think it spoils the game especially when you are going after rogues having fun with friends and all of a sudden your getting shot for no reason. Theese are my views and opinions of the division beta but have enjoyed to test it.

01-31-2016, 03:36 AM
ive managed to find a glitch where people were not able to see me which alerted me to the fact because they were all manhunt rouges and there were 5 of them holed up in wall near one of the checkpoints which was completly closed off and the only way up was a slow *** ladder and they were all just staring at it and when i got a bit cocky i went up and they didnt shoot me and i was free to kill them while none of them knew what was happening it allowed me to get both high end weapons and fully upgrade them with the cash i got for killing them all.

a little later i ran towards a scuffle at the gas station killed 2 and released i was getting hit then i instinctively used the radar pulse and as i was dying it came up no hostiles detected, clearly a lie so i released this was what id done to them guys and sprinted away, guy must‘ve had a sniper didnt win that fight.

apologies for grammar