View Full Version : Floating Players (with video & screenshot)

01-31-2016, 12:56 AM
Ran into a new bug today - players floating up ropes and getting stuck, seemingly dead, on ladders.

You have to watch quickly at the beginning of the video, but the player is running up the rope instead of ascending it like normal. Once at the top he is killed (by the usual rouge trolls that hang out at the top) and gently floats back down to the ground where I revive him.


I also ran by a nearby ladder that had a seemingly dead player stuck in it, however he suddenly turned rouge, so I killed him and he fell from the ladder.

https://mkywxq-ch3302.files.1drv.com/y3pHC8NvEQ2cLJoFvNVv91cmgys2NMf6zs9U_9ORtfMUC1EKM7 Lnqp8aNAmPDZL3CVUpKkU7tc8hqoK7kM-QrVMOJUKIbI1KJVyHBG4eOpm3Eo5LLBYxcF2RxSFBTjpGg_S-XfymjYzp04-H1rFbGmJKg/Sat_Jan_30_18-54-10_EST_2016.png