View Full Version : [Xbox One] (Invisibility)

01-31-2016, 12:02 AM
1) What is the issue you're experiencing?
--My party member has been with me all day doing nothing special. We entered the DZ using DZ1W and my friend had some how entered "god mode". He became invisible and I could only to be follow him by the party member icon in the mini-map. After a bit we realized that he was invulnerable as well to both NPC Rioters and other playable characters. We were then able to obtain a rank 5 bounty but because no one could see him, he was not challenged. As a secondary note, the god mode player was able to receive buffs and locate players by the use of party member abilities. He was not able to use the same abilities to assist the party (although they still worked for himself).

2) What were we doing when this issue occurred?
--nothing specific. we noticed the invisibility after partying up initially but did not realize that this invisibility was the case for a players and not just for the members in the party until intentionally going rouge to obtain more loot.

3) Are you able to recreate this issue?
--we were unable to recreate the bug although it did last for some hours.

4) What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue?
-- After the issue occurred, we explored the bug by inviting friends and forcing the servers to transfer us because of space (this did not fix the issue)
-- We explored the bug by trying to die by the hands of the NPC Rioters (Unable to die and did not fix the issue)
-- We explored the bug by trying to die by the hands of Player Characters (Unable to die and did not fix the issue)
-------- In order to accurately land shots on the God Mode Player, party was disbanded and player would walk into a hail storm of bullets. ----------
-- After the issue occurred, we eventually ran out of primary and secondary ammo. because we had rank 5 bounties on, we were unable to enter the safe house and restock. We then went out of bound to be teleported into the safe house. (This did not fix the issue)
-- After teleporting into the safe house and restocked we left via the front door. (Issue FIXED)