View Full Version : Bugs, crashes and glitches so far

01-30-2016, 02:23 PM
Quick sum up of the bugs, crashes and glitches I've stumbled on so far on Xbox One:

Red Screen of Death!
Type: Graphic glitch
When: After I died and respawned
What: The screen remained red (like how it is when you go down for the count) after respawning and stayed this way for the rest of the game. I tried to die again or task out of it, but nothing short of terminating the game and starting it up again got rid of the Red Screen of Death (hench forth shall be named RSoD).
Method of Reproduction: Not sure how to reproduce it. Most of the beta it wasn't doing this, but suddenly it started doing it all the time, even after terminating the game. It did not happen to my friends.

Type: Game-crash
When: During combat
What: During combat the game crashed out to xbox home
Method of Reproduction: Uncertain, but possibly while there was a lot of strain happening on the screen (especially if there was a lot of fire going on)

Unable to activate
Type: Bug
When: While trying to access laptop or chests, etc.
What: Standing slightly to the side of something you are trying to activate or on top of it will give you the trigger prompt and will show the activating bar, but will not actually activate and will just reset the activation bar. Easily solved by moving directly infront of the object in question.
Method of Reproduction: Find something that you want to activate, stand to the side or on top of it and try to activate

These are the ones I noticed while playing so not a whole lot of issues for my part. My friend said she saw a few visual glitches with the JTF forces, but I don't really notice minor stuff like that so I'll leave it to someone else to report those.