View Full Version : Persistent Delta Errors XBOX ONE - all day today - mostly in DZ.

specter SE7EN
01-30-2016, 03:08 AM
I've been getting tons of Delta errors, making this beta nearly unplayable for me.

Day 1. Had solid success. A few mike errors, the occasional delta, but not consistent. Day 1 I played through all of the PVE missions and side quests with very few errors.

Day 2. Been playing primarily in the DZ. Since entering the DZ, it has been Delta error after Delta error, all day. I'll get anywhere from 1 minute of play time in the DZ- 5 minutes before it kicks me out with a delta error.

I double checked my network settings. My NAT settings are OPEN. I've double checked my router settings to make sure my port forwarding was intact. Everything is intact. All appropriate ports are forwarded to my XB1 as they've been for months.

I've reset my modem, reset my router, reset my XB1, booted into other games, back into the beta and still, Delta errors non stop.

The only thing I haven't tried was going back into the PVE part of the map and see if I have more stability or can get a longer gameplay session to see if it is isolated to the DZ for me, or if this is just a problem that has surfaced and won't go away.

Just thought I'd pass this info along to you all at UBI so you were aware of the issue.

EDIT: I have been trying to get in off and on all day...at least 20-30 times, with each time ending in a Delta error after a couple of minutes (at the most)

01-30-2016, 03:15 AM
Thanks specter SE7EN, I'll report the issue!