View Full Version : stairs and ability

Yer Xiong
01-30-2016, 02:09 AM
I use the riot shield ability and ran up the stairs, but get stop on the top. If I walk backward it's no problems. Fix please.

01-31-2016, 06:55 PM
I find using the shield also difficult when there are elevation changes. Same thing happens to me when trying to walk up stairs with shield active. Also, I can climb top of cars, boxes etc. with the shield but I find it difficult to get down. Only way to do this is walking backwards or sideways (or by tossing the shield). It is kinda okay as players should be pointing the shield to a line of fire. Then again if the best way out is by running to the direction the shield is pointing it is frustrating to do this weird extra movement. I have experienced multiple instances where I wanted to run away from top of a box only to find my character do the running animation on the ledge but not actually moving or getting down. Pressing b does not help. Running with clicking r does not help either.

Other problems I have found:

1. When changing appearance. Sometimes inside apartments and b.o.o. the backround turns grey. When outside, depending where the light is coming it is difficult to see the character details. Usually when the character turns (when clicking appearance) to face a light source it gets all too dark to see any detail. Sometimes it gets blurry. Not a gamebreaker, but silly to try to position your character so that you can see what you equip. Grey background is better in that sense. Also, why so many button presses to get to change appearance? That is the reason I rather position my character better than press start, then a, three times rb, and then press down million times to get back to the cloth i want to try next. Oh and loving how the game gets out of the menus if you are being pushed or otherwise touched by ai or other player. Like wake up call that something is happening while silly ol you is going through menus 😂

2. While playing with friend my guns would not show to my friend in proper order when changing them. I had pistol, changed it to assault rifle but my friend saw me carry pistol. I changed to shotgun he saw assault rifle. After few changes my friend started to see correct weapon. I don't know how often this happens because there was no one to try it with again later. It is really not a big deal but it was awkward to show my brand new olive colored ak-47 only to get a reply "fyi, you are carrying a pistol at the moment".

3. When in dark zone. I found a biohazard sign floating in the air in a place where a fence door should be. Walking e 33rd street east almost to park avenue intersection, on the left hand side, there is a fence whit the door open. The bh sign should be on the door or the door should be closed, either way the sign is hanging in the air and if the door was closed the sign would be in a correct position. Other than that I founf the dark zone that was available in the beta a little less exciting than rest of the free roam area. There were less alleys and building to get in to than in same sized area in free roam mode. It would be fantastic if we could get pvp in some of those super magnificent areas in southwest of the map!!

4. The game is actually fun and very well made. It is everything I hopes and more. Surely this is just some bug and the final game will be crab and unplayable like so many other titles that has come out lately 😉