View Full Version : Issues i've encountered (Love your game)

01-30-2016, 01:00 AM
Hey! i just wanted to say, i absolutely love your game. LOVE IT i've had more fun on the beta than i've had in a video game for about a year. Including Destiny (Day 1 Player)
Anyways here's a list of things that i've encountered while playing the game relentlessly.

1) Emote bug- at random points, the emote screen will pop up and you cannot get rid of it, i even logged out and back in but as soon as i spawned the emote screen was still up. I ended up just hitting every button on the controller for about 2 minutes until it finally went back to normal.

2) Some of the pathing is bugged and your char seems to get ADD when trying to run around an obstacle.

3) Sometimes you cannot open the loot boxes after completing a stronghold/rescue mission

4) I have never ever ever ever ever been able to open a DZ loot box with a key. EVER, and it doesn't show you what rank you need to open it. The thing is, if a player opens it, it should be removed, it really should. Because it leaves no room to reveal if it's a glitch or if it's normal. this could impact future glitches.

5) I cannot stress this enough. this is probably the most important thing i have to say. One of the biggest problems with destiny was that once you acquired a certain lvl of gear, the drops from enemies become completely useless. I noticed the same problem with the enemies in the DZ, i have full blue gear with a few purples and there are no enemies that drop purple gear at all. at this point, i either have to go on a rogue hunt, or grind for a reaaaalllllyyy long time on AI to get enough cash to buy a new item from the dz vendor. it's actually why i logged off. I know theres better gear, like the few yellows i've seen in the safehouse but grinding that money would take ages. Maybe if we could sell the gear that we get from the DZ in exchange for DZ funds, that would balance it out completely. then i would still be picking up the blues and some greens that i see. But at this point, my last 2 hours of playing, there was no need to pickup ANYTHING on the ground, thus cutting out the extraction aspect (which is an amazing part of the DZ) and it kind of cuts out a chunk of the fun. With that said i realize it's a beta, so i can already see that when the full game comes out, it will be hundred of hours before i run into that problem again, HOWEVER that is where destiny started to lose its player base. Eventually nothing you do gives you anything better than what you already have. And for an RPG, the endgame is the most important aspect of the game. Keeping players playing and engaged for the entire time period between expansions. It's so immensely important.

6) No crafting, i understand this for the beta, but it really should be added for the last 2 days. That's a huge thing to be able to get data on as far as the glitches, or the amount of mats needed vs time invested. If it doesn't get added it's not a big deal especially if the devs are confident that its working well.

7) Difficulty levels - I appreciate having difficulty levels for each mission, I REALLY HOPE there is going to be a level above hard though. adding a max lvl version of every mission means that once someone hits endgame, they basically get a reason to play through it all again, and people will WANT that. it's like adding and expansion to the game for free lol. once again using destiny as an example. I know i crave playing through the whole story again in a really hard difficulty as well as literally every person i've played with. But it becomes miserably easy and pointless. Having a "Legendary" difficulty for every mission will keep players in the PVE crowd happy. For a long time.
Example.... lets say i'm max lvl and have awesome gear, but i'm getting burned out from the DZ, me and my squad say "hey now that we have this new gear, lets see if we can beat mission 3 legendary now, It needs to be really hard. hard enough to get people going back into the DZ just to get gear strong enough to complete a mission, thus giving people much more reason to go back and forth.

I'll make another post soon, i'm going to play it again in a bit and run around the city to try and find glitches or whatever else i can find.

Thanks for making this game, i see so much potential and i'm pretty fired up to get my hands on the full game.