View Full Version : Bugs and Problems in the DZ

01-30-2016, 12:09 AM
One of the issues that my friends and I are having is the lag in the DZ. It seems after half the day of it being out now it has some lag when playing. Other problems are being shot by someone and them now turning to a Rogue. Why this happens i don't know. I am not happy at the fact that you lose a good chunk of cash when some d-bag kills you while running around. i mean yeah you drop stuff but for how much you need to buy something if you are not Rogue status i think not losing over 10 dollars is pretty fair. another thing is getting into the DZ lags out pretty bad. three instances I have got kicked out of the game. now there should be at least one safe zone to extract your stuff you get from the dz for the people who really don't want to have a pvp battle. There are some sides of buildings that are not letting me look around or lean up against. one of them is at the sports center near the safe room. really annoying. I like to farm the DZ but i really think you should look at the lag issue. That itself is making the game not fun to me at all.

The weapons are not too bad. I like to snipe rather then run and gun due to the incredible amount of damage these mobs do. Their shields are something to be softened up a bit too. seems i have one of the best guns and it barely takes it down before i have to reload. I understand having strong named mobs but having to use 200 rounds on one not in an instance is ridiculous. Some of the guns have more kick then they should or a little too long of a reload for something with an easy eject clip needs to be looked at.

Falling damage from around 5 feet takes one bar of health. Seems not likely IRL to jump from five feet and break you ankle while on a flat surface. this also needs to be changed.I was not happy at all with the lack of things to do in this beta. if you were going to sell it short you might as well of just left the dismantling out and just the option to sell the stuff. Game needs to have some sort of party chat in game rather then none at all. That should pretty much be a givin. I have also noticed that some people are having problems getting into the game or into groups to run around in the DZ. That are all of the problems and fixes that I have seen in the game so far.