View Full Version : XBOX One - Game Chat Issues

01-29-2016, 01:39 PM
1. What is the issue you're experiencing? (in a few sentences, describe what is happening)

In game chat was not behaving correctly. In a 3 person team, 1 player could hear the 2 other players but the 2 couldn't hear one another.

2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? (were you viewing a cut scene? were you playing in the Dark Zone?)

Met up with some random players at Camp Hudson and decided to tackle the game as a group. Initially, we we're all able to hear one another just fine in Game Chat playing in the Chelsea Area (3 of us on a squad). However; after exploring some more of the PvE area of the map we discovered that 1 player could hear and talk to both of us but the other 2 couldn't hear one another. This was also occurring in the PvP area.

3. Are you able to recreate the issue? (if you're able to make this issue appear again, please tell us how you've done it)

Recreation is tricky. There was no definitive way of knowing when it started happening, it just did and continued to happen through our resolution attempts.

4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue? (restart your console? open ports?)

All 3 of us had open NAT. Dissolved the team and rejoined and it worked for a bit but then stopped again. Restarted consoles. Restarted the game. We finally resolved to adding each other on the console as friends and using the Party Chat feature of the Xbox. Which, made things difficult with proximity chat because we were all in party chat.

01-29-2016, 03:54 PM
Had the same issue last night, it was come and go. Sometimes disconnecting our mics, letting it switch to output the sound through the tv, and then plugging our mics back in worked for a little while.

01-29-2016, 05:21 PM
This isnt an isolated issue as this is a constant problem that I am running into. Speaking as a player who runs a constant open group with randoms joining and leaving. As stated above, the chat works wonderfully. In fact so wonderfully that it actually sounds better than party chat. But after a few minutes.... its gone. The conversations get split due to one person hearing both, and one being left out in the cold. It is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed.

Recreating? Not possible. The only way for the devs to know how to approach the issue would be to physically go in to the game, (outside of a closed LAN) and try the group chat for themselves over a period of time.