View Full Version : Xbox1 bugs found so far and some feedback

01-29-2016, 03:55 AM
Thank you for your hard work since the alpha. The improvements can be readily seen.


* Entering the post office is still forced walking. Why are characters forced to walk 40 feet? It makes grabbing ammo on the way by a serious chore. Highly annoying.
* Game is unplayable on wifi. Perhaps that is a "me" thing. I was able to play the alpha on wireless. I switched to a cable connection the 3rd time I was killed by a mob that fell over dead after killing me (mutual kill, my inflicted damage was just that delayed)
* The Madison Square Garden mission to rescue the Doctor: Medical bag in the security room above the servers drops medical kit that you can't pick up (yes, I checked to make sure I was not full).
The medical bag on the right hand side of the catwalk leading to the roof drops medical kit that you can't pick up.
* The DZ is a mess. Groups are camping intersections and extraction points, killing everything and everybody that moves, and repeatedly collecting their own bounties. Currently the way the game is set up, this is absolutely a viable strategy for running up DZ rank and level very quickly. I am just concerned that this reality will not be an effective selling point to a large enough percentage of players as to inhibit game sales.

(The group of low levels with double barrel shotguns laying waste to mobs 2.5 times their level was entertaining to watch though.)

I will add to this as I find them. Thank you for your efforts.

In closing, and as a reminder, you have just under 6 weeks to launch. With a 5 day work week, that comes out to 228 x (number of employees working on this) man-hours until we get to experience more than 4 skills and one story line mission. I do hope there is a valid reason for not allowing the "beta" more things to play with than in the Alpha. With the limited scope the players have access to this play period, calling this a "Beta" is a gross misrepresentation.