View Full Version : XBOX ONE: Multiple bugs report

01-29-2016, 03:05 AM
HI everyone, here are the bugs that our team reported so far:

- Main Gun "flying around" character when selected (instead of showing in character's hand). The bug fixed itself after a while but reason for the auto fix are unknown. (can only be seen by other members of the squad)
- Character gets stuck behind textures in some case, especially next to metal stair case on buildings.
- Character can jump down to areas where he remains trapped
- Problem seeing screenshots and clips from Xbox.com, Xbox App or Xbox SmartGlass. It only show in the GameDVR app, but we can't share them. Kind of hard to show the bugs ;)
- Entering/exiting from the inventory near groups of NPC generate slow down and glitches for a short while (1-2 seconds)
- Difficulty looting