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01-29-2016, 01:40 AM
Thank you for allowing me into the Beta I was in the Alpha and I have to say that the beta showing a lot of improvement. I like how you diminished the cover system so it's not so apparent which is great however the "A" button symbol is consistently on every cover and makes me want to click to open up an item. I guess I'm used to "loot" in that sense. When hitting on the "A" button it opens up to search the item. Like the "X" button does when searching bags or in the secure areas. I don't think that you need to tell us that everything is covered, if there was a training mission that showed us how to cover then no need to have the cover system.

I do like the over the shoulder aspect when you're looking down the sights. However, I keep wanting to zoom in. I do see in the stores there is a scope so I'm looking forward to purchasing the scope and hoping that it will give me a zoom option.

My biggest fear about the division is that it will be like destiny where the single player takes about an hour to finish and everything else is multiplayer. I hope this is not the case. so far I enjoy the building of areas and building my command center as well as defending areas and helping civilians. I can see myself playing that quite a bit but I do hope that they'll be a lot of single player missions and if I feel like going into the dark zone for multiplayer then I can do that. The game makes me want to play multiplayer however, in my experience with multiplayer you just get fed up with the people and wish to do missions on your own. So a good single player missions would be appreciated, thank you

After playing for an hour I really enjoyed everything about it. The guns were ice to handle and I like the availability of other weapons you could by and pick up from enemies. The only issue that I had was the shield was hard to put away I did not understand how to take it down or put it away I think that some night I would be able to learn to time but very distracting when you want your machine gun but can't put it with the shield. So ultimately the control scheme when in the heat of battle trying to throw grenade pull out your shield he's machine gun was complicated think it would be beneficial to allocate a button for grenade a button for the shield the button for this and that instead of having to pull up a menu to select an item that could be what I was doing wrong. Thank you again ill play tomorrow.
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