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01-28-2016, 07:57 PM
LOVING the game so far. The only two issues I have encountered in the countless hours I have been on are as follows:

- On several occasions while exploring the city I would come across a bag, box or some other type of loot container. I would attempt to open it and all I would get is a gray loot circle on the ground with a picture of a pack and no loot. This only happened inside buildings. Maybe an item not available in BETA or some other simple explanation? Figured I'd mention it.

- On one occasion there was a blue crate and lantern in an apartment showing as loot on the mini-map and highlighted in game, but I was unable to do anything with either of the items.

Other than those minor issues the game play was great. While I don't care either way, I know the somewhat "auto-targeting" will be a bonus for many. Character movement is great and I really enjoyed the weapon travel when firing. DZ is a blast and I was able to spend hours in there with no issues. I have been looking forward to this release for what seems like forever. This last month is going to be rough! Time to eat, then back to the BETA! Great job!