View Full Version : Frustrated

01-28-2016, 07:23 PM
I would be very interested to preorder the devision except for the simple fact I can barley play R6 siege with my friends because of crashes or lag or being kicked I very rarely get a chance to play with my friends when I play the game even worse on some occasions I can't play at all with that being said why would I preorder a game made by the same come company that looks just as awesome as the game I currently have when I have the chance of running in to the same issue on a bigger game especially when I'm throwing out money that I have a hard time talking my wife into letting me spend money when I already have so many games. So that is my situation I love your guys games but I would love to actually play them with or with out my friends I hope I can bring my self to buy the next big game from you guys thanks for hearing me out.

11-12-2018, 08:05 AM
I understand your problem. Amidst assignment, homework (https://www.bartleby.com/), and tests, I barely get any time to play the game. And when I am playing I face technical glitches that put off my mood to play. Sigh!