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01-28-2016, 07:12 PM
So far great game. This is a list of things a few friends and I have notice:
1. Joining squad had cause player to be under the map, after a few seconds it will reload and correct. (Soa Ragin Mason)
2. When opening doors, a friend was stuck behind the door. Between the wall and door had to leave and rejoin. (Soa Disruption)
3. Another player wasn't able to enter apartments in some building it looked as if a invisible door was there the other players were able to walk in and out without issues. (Soa Prinkle)
4. In the Dark Zone, player was shot by another random player almost die, once he defended himself he was label rogue and not the player who open fired first. (Soa Ragin Mason)
5. During extraction loot wasn't able to drop/attached to the line. (Soa Disruption)
Possible #6. Under heavy activity (fire fight) a bit of "heaviness" could be felt, enemies would simply appear near player. (Soa Prinkle)

Hope it helps!

01-28-2016, 07:16 PM
Hi there, SoA RaGiN MaSoN,

Thank you for reporting this and welcome to the forums!

If you have any supplemental evidence (videos/images) of the issues listed please feel free to provide them here.