View Full Version : Terrorist Hunt Shielders Are Too Accurate!

01-27-2016, 01:00 AM
Shielder Terrorists : they can hit you and kill you through Iron round bars ( I noticed in vault, it killed me just 3 shots all hits! I have 100 hp ) -_- terro hunt hard mode

: they kill the hostage 90 % of the time they get near the hostage, ( protect hostage)

: they have 95 % accuracy (omg! wtf! are u kidding me?!) he shoots very far, I'm in covered position, and in 3/ out of 4 bullets killed me already, I got 100 hp and he can head shot me in covered position in just 3 bullets? lol

Dear Ubisoft: please fix this bug. he is too strong, stronger than bommer now! hahaha. I'm not kidding, the shielder terrorist has an almost perfect accuracy, in hard mode, what if in realistic? hahaha, he shoot you headshot plus 100% accuracy? is that it? please fix ubisoft. the patch made the shielder gone too strong. :(

So you mean in the patch gave the terrorist shielder like aiming while shielding now? haha, firing at hip fire handgun plus 95% accuracy, he is like firing while aiming while shielding. please fix! -_-