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01-25-2016, 06:21 PM
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over a month since we last put our game in the hands of thousands of you during our Alpha. During these 3 days, we received countless valuable comments and suggestions and started working on them directly.The team has been hard at work fixing many bugs, but also implementing some changes that should help provide an even better experience during Closed Beta. Here is a list of the most notable changes that you will observe in the upcoming Closed Beta.



Added support for multiple in-game languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Weapon and Item Mods can now be changed directly from the inventory screen
[Xbox One and PS4] Changed weapon swap button mapping to:

[Tap] Primary/Secondary weapon
[Double Tap] Switch to Sidearm

UI improvements for better readability and usability


Additional balancing of weapons, enemy NPCs, and character progression

Dark Zone

Added another Dark Zone gate to the Beta Map area
Changed Dark Zone brackets level range

Depending on your level, you will now be matched with level 4-7 players and enemies, or level 8 players and enemies

Landmarks have been added to the Dark Zone Map area

With these landmarks you will find more challenging encounters rewarding you with better loot


Loading of textures and models should no longer suffer delays on console

Bug fixes

Missing sound with specific weapons and mods combinations
Repeating audio when opening the Mega Map
Mission objectives not completing correctly
Floating characters and weapons
Character loading stuck at 95%
Broken textures