View Full Version : Reborn X Gaming Recruiting!

01-23-2016, 05:16 PM
Hi there. Interested in joining a group/clan full of mature, honest, and fun gamers?
You're in luck! I'm apart of an amazing online gaming community called Reborn X Gaming. We're home to 500+ amazing gamers and we're still growing! We play a variety of games over multiple gaming platforms.
How do we maintain 500+ people?! Within Reborn we have multiple clans that have a structured ranking system and honor code. Ranking system can be completely irrelevant to you if you're just looking to game or it can be quite relevant if you are looking to rank up with us as well.
All 500+ of us are 16 and above. Like way above. But here you'll find a lot of people above 18+. So if you're worried about ages, there's a little explanation for you.
Sound interesting? If you have anymore questions or are interested in joining, please hit me up over the Xbox. Hope to see you become apart of our ever growing family!

Xbox GT: RXG Libitina