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01-23-2016, 10:44 AM
Hi, i just downloaded far cry 3, but i have a bug: when i try to change any video option it freezes and gives me a black screen. My system does match all requirements, and I already tried to launch the game in windows XP compatibility mode but it's the same ad before.
So how can i solve this problem?

01-24-2016, 12:23 AM
close any and all backround applications

make sure you verify your game files \

To verify your files if you bought the game thru Steam ..\EXIT Steam ..right click your steam icon ..select run as Administrator

launch Steam

go to your Steam games library

right clik on far cry 3

select properties

select local files

select verify Integrity of game cache

it takes a few min to do but its faster the redownloading your entire game , if its only a few files that were corrupt or installed incorrectly .... this in many cases will fix your problems

If you have the U play only Version of the game you can also verify your game files with U play

if you have the game via u play only here are instructions how to verify your game files thru their client
Again its probably best to make sure you launch Uplay as RUN as Administrator when you do a file verify

see the bottom of the page

see also http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/739489-PC-Win7-8-vista-Solutions-gt-Far-Cry3-Has-Stopped-Responding

and be aware that the AMD 15.11 beta drivers will cause the game to fail to launch see this thred


to fix it roll back to the 15.10 beta driver or use the 15.7 WHQL drivers

you can get both from this link

make sure you use DDU when uninstalling your current drivers in safe mode for best results

*update AMD has released newer drivers but they still have issues , under Known issues
in the new 16.1 driver is
[84434]Far Cry 4 A crash may occur after performing (ALT + Enter) to switch between windowed/full screen modes with the AMD Gaming Evolved "Video Capture" feature turned on
(not all AMD GPU's are supported see http://betanews.com/2015/11/24/amd-kills-gpu/ )

01-24-2016, 12:25 AM
If you continue to have issues PLEASE open a support ticket with Ubisoft Support at https://support.ubi.com by clicking on My Questions in the upper left corner of that page.

You can also call them on the phone during regular support hours <--(BEST OPTION)
You can find phone number information here: https://support.ubi.com/en-US/FAQ/60/3888/international-support-contacts/kA030000000eiChCAI

You can also try to contact them via social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSupport
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubisoftsupport

Good luck! I hope you find your fix!