View Full Version : Idea For Next AC Game (WWII)

01-22-2016, 03:44 AM
Would like to see the next AC Game take place during World War II. As there are so many things as far as game play

-Pick A Side (Japan, Germany, US and Allies)
- Atlantic and Pacific Theaters
- Collectibles could be Enigma Devices. Code Books, Nazi and Japanese Flags
- Possibe Air and Naval Warfare (make as side missions)
- Other side missions could include Concentration Camp Liberation

Game would start off at different points based on the side you picked
If you pijcked Germany, the game would start at the invasion of Poland and end in Berlin
If you picked Japan the game would star with the attack on Pearl Harbor and end after the battle on Okinawa

By picking the Axis (Japan or Germany) you can change history by winning

01-22-2016, 08:10 AM
Id like them to ditch the stupid idea of real life characters playing in a virtual world and just have you start off as the character your playing because honestly those real life characters specially in syndicate are complete wankers and every time it skips to them i want to punch the male in the face they are that annoying i cant even remember there names.

Just stick with the virtual story no crappy animus aug******ed story if you get my drift so take syndicate just have evie and jacobs story no other stupid real life crap going on every now and again as its gay and takes away from the game was cool in the first game 10 years ago now its just annoying and totally lame.