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The Division: Faceless Agent

Diary Entry #1:

The organization told us to start keeping a journal. We are suppose to write down all of the events that happen in order to record history. What a waste of time. In the midst of a disaster this is what they deem important? But who cares. Maybe I can get my thoughts in order.

My name is Xax and I am a member of The Division: an organization formed to bring society back from destruction. Prior to the end of our world I had no military back ground. I was just an experimental psychologist working for the government. They placed me in New York to study behavior and manipulation.

I loved my job. With it came the ability to control human emotions and thoughts. The power drove me crazy; so crazy that I even performed a few experiments on myself. The results were orgasmic.

I knew nothing about the implantation of sleeper agents before the outbreak. Strangely, that was exactly what the government had me research. Countless hours were spent in a lab, testing young college students who needed a few party bucks for the weekend, or taking advantage of a starving family. Anything for results.

In the end, I produced successful results. Here I was, a normal psychologist with the skills and mind of a soldier. Nothing was impossible. I kept a few steps ahead of the pack at all times. I was different. I was their creator. But what excited me the most is... I was my own maker.

The government paid me for a specific research. The money given was spent on a procedure that could turn any man, woman, or child into the ultimate warrior. It implanted an alternate ego in individuals. The experiment have the a purpose that they were not allowed to stray from.

But I took a step further.

I performed the experiment on myself hundreds of times, creating countless personalities. Each having a particular set of skills. How much could the human brain take? The answer is still up in the sky.

All of the agents here are forced down a specific path. One that takes human life into consideration. To bad I don't possess those impulses... *Grins

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I really, really enjoyed this! My hat off to you sir! as a writer i respect your creativity of taking something and making it much more. Now im dying to write something lol! This is awesome! *Respect* :cool:

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I really, really enjoyed this! My hat off to you sir! as a writer i respect your creativity of taking something and making it much more. Now im dying to write something lol! This is awesome! *Respect* :cool:

Thanks man. I plan to release one every day until the beta. Then start a new character after the beta until release.

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The (my) "Faceless Agent" inspired through my new sig :D

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Diary Entry #2

Today, I went out into Manhattan with three other agents: Caleb, Maurice, and a guy who went by the name of F. This was the first time we have all met, and was sort of thrown in a group when The Division found that the Riker gangs held a doctor captive in one of their hideouts. So we set out to find him.

As we made our way toward our destination, silence filled the lifeless streets of Manhattan. A once engulfed environment now wasting away as Mother Earth takes back its territory. At times it makes me wonder if fighting is even worth it.

But that is only one of my faces. The others enjoy the sight of destruction. The smell of emptiness. The voice of silence. A new world without any order... Just a group of people desperately clinging to a memory of what was. Unfortunately, soon we will have to accept what is and move forward.

When we made it to to our checkpoint, Maurice quickly scanned the area. The kid was a great soldier. One with no fear left in his psyche. A true machine when it came to battle. He was the first to rush in and take out a group of Rikers on his own. The guy is a tank.

Once we had the lay of the land, we charged them, taking them by surprise. The thugs had no time to react and position. We pushed through there defenses with ease, but more ground had to be covered.

After taking out a few more Riker punks, we rested and adjusted our equipment. This fight would take all of our firepower and focus. As I reloaded my gun, one of the Rikers caught my attention. He wore a hospital jacket with a name tag. The name read "A. M. Knox".

That name. I knew this person. Allison Knox, one of the doctors worked in the lab with me. We spent many years pushing humans to their limit. Making their minds into machines; programming personalities; bringing people back from the clutches of death... We were death.

I had to find her before the others did. I suggested we split up to cover more ground. Maurice was the first to jump on the idea, agreeing with my plan of action. That kid was drowned in bloodlust. I often wonder what happened to him before the outbreak. Probably something terrible.

We split up. I rushed through the halls until I found another Riker punk. Once he was successfully detained I questioned the whereabouts of the Doctor. He hesitated to answer, but the cold smooth steel of a pistol in his mouth coaxed out an answer. Once I had the information a bullet was implanted in his frontal lobe.

I rushed to the area using the advanced technology provided by the government. Of course there were a few guards waiting, but they didn't stand a chance. These grunts with no military experience... Just pure savagery. There was no place for their kind in the world. I took them out and found the doctor, blindfolded. It was definitely her...

I removed the blind fold. Once she caught sight of her savior, her eyes widened, filled with relief and joy. She cried out my name before throwing her arms around me. I returned the hug before attacking with a number of questions.

"How did you get here?" I asked, looking down at the beaten female.

"The Rikers brought me here..." Allison started, "Me and another psychologist were doing experiments on prisoners... The same one you and I performed back in the lab."


"The organization that hired you and I wanted better results. So they sent me and another guy there. They killed him immediately, but kept me because of my worth."

She sobbed for a while, but I had no interest in her self pity. There was obviously other scientist out there... Did they have my brain? My motives? If so, what should my next move be?

"How many other scientist are out there? You know, like you and I?" I gently stroked her back.

"There is 12 scientist like you based around New York. Their goal is to take back the city and build society back the way it was... But better"

As expected. Psychologist are idealist with clear visions. They will do anything to have control. I know, because I'm one of them. 12 psychologist working together would definitely be a problem, even for The Division. I will have to search and eliminate all 12. If I don't then the world will be out of my reach, just like before the outbreak.

Allison held me tighter. "Thank... You... For saving me... You don't know what those guys were planning to do wit-"

The rush of an eight inch blade of my combat knife plunged deep into the center of her chest. I could feel her blood cover my gloves as she slowly fell to the ground; her eyes never leaving mine. The question "Why?" sparkled in her pupils as light slowly faded from them.

I removed my gloves, took out a lighter, some fluid, and set them on fire before throwing them onto one of the Riker punks. I stared at the lifeless body. No emotions. I felt cold... But I guess that is what happens in the winter, right?

A voice from my communication device pulled me out of my trance. It was Maurice, curious to know what I found. I gave them a lie. That lie was when I got there, Allison Knox was murdered by a Riker. They believed me... Why wouldn't they? I'm a Division Agent.

I am the Faceless Agent.

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The (my) "Faceless Agent" inspired through my new sig :D

Awesome! I wish I had the ability to create things like that!

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These are very well written entries!