View Full Version : Unable to install Assassin's Creed Syndicate DLC Contents

01-19-2016, 07:47 PM
I bought the season pass and activated it through Uplay PC around a week ago before i beat the game. The base game is bought through Steam.
So once I activated the Season pass, I got my Helix Points and XP boost, and that's all. The Jack the Ripper, Steampunk and Victorian Legend DLC are showed up "Purchased" in the Buy ADD-ON section in game instead of installed. The Season pass shown as installed though.

Do I have to download the Jack and Gears DLC from Steam? I have tried activate the Uplay key with Steam Client but it didn't work (I knew that). There's no Download DLC buttons in game either. I tried to download it through Uplay client, but I seemed to be opening the game everytime I click the "Download" button instead of downloading the DLC.

I sent a ticket yesterday to the support but now I'm short of patience anymore. Hopefully there are solutions in the forum right here.

01-22-2016, 12:33 PM
i see you bought UPlay key for season pass while having the base game on steam, you must buy the season pass from steam, this combination steam key and uplay key doesn't work and you will not get your contents downloaded because steam provides its own set of game/dlc keys and cannot be supplied from other sources, thus Ubisoft has no control on unifying game keys, so when you activate any key in UPlay whether steam/uplay it will be accepted, however, if you have steam version of the game then steam is your download manager not UPlay, activating steam keys in UPlay just unlocks the game/DLC to be used but won't be downloaded.

so in short, if you have steam version of the game then all DLCs must be bought from steam for steam to recognize the purchase and download them, if you have bought the season pass from Ubishop, then please update your ticket and ask them for a refund and removal of it from your account (not sure if possible), then buy the season pass from steam and activate the key supplied by steam in UPlay as well.