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01-18-2016, 01:23 PM
I have also posted this on Steam, but as there are different moderators here is my updated suggestion related to game mechanics:

- differentiated skillwheel;
Currently we have (i think) exactly the same abilities for every faction. I mean, there are same options for Leadership or Attack, for example, on all heroes that have that this skill.
Why not put different ones instead: like full range for creatures (now that is gone) only for Stronghold castle, or at least different values ( higher attack values for Stronghold )

- specialized buildings for every faction;
Like the "Training grounds" in Heroes V - Heaven or Artifact creator for creatures in Academy
"I could see Stronghold castle have a building that can alter rage ( not giving attack anymore but defense ) .. Dungeon to be the only castle with lvl 3 upgrade for creatures and so on .. " / Or Academy with more advanced economy next to spell library.
I personally wouldn.t mind if i see a faction with so strong units but so expensive that you would be forced to choose which to buy ( as another example )

- more diverse creature specs
Champion creatures for example feel they are all the same. Would be much nicer to have weaker champions but double or triple growth on some factions.
I.d also like to see that abilities on some creatures are mandatory to use in order to win. For example assassins with 200% backstab ability (but much more weaker than now - let.s say with only 5 hp life)

In other words, to create really different style of play with each faction.

- spell system;
Same as above, it could be nicer if we had allmost totally different spells for each faction. ( doing different things of course )

- hero classes to change as you advance in level - like in Heroes 4 (it would be an awesome implementation)
So depending on the skills/abilities you choose, your hero specialization grow stronger or even changes.


01-19-2016, 10:45 AM
Thank you for your feedback Wo0olfgang. I am also keeping an eye on the Steam forums.