View Full Version : Massive Carriage Stutters on Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC

01-18-2016, 01:56 AM
My specs are Core i5, 8gb RAM, GTX 970 4GB and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS... I am facing this issue since patch 1.31 so please fix it bcuz it is hampering my gameplay. Also i use the recommended settings (i.e. Very High) and get 60fps easily.. But the stutters are always there and also the textures seems to load, hence it freezes. Please help! PLEASE!!

01-18-2016, 11:46 AM
I have the same problem. I've noticed that many of the people complaining of this issue have exactly the same specs as you and I do and they really should be enough to play the game decently.

I have tried all the suggested fixes - set CPU usage priority to normal instead of high, half the frame rate to 30fps, lower graphics settings - nothing makes any difference.

I would just like to know if this will ever get fixed or at least improved.