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01-17-2016, 09:07 AM
Dear Ubisoft,

First I like to say thank you! You are developing great games like the Assassins Creed franchise, WatchDogs, The Far Cry shooters and so much more. I love what you did in the past and I am looking forward to see, what you will do in 2016. In the past year you're designers reworked the Uplay Client in a great way. There is much more space now to advertise the greatness of the games you're teams do and I like what I see every time opening the Uplay client.

But to be honest! Is a backup function something Valve has a treat mark on it, when it comes to games? What is blocking you to bring such a feature and much more important. How many customers more would be needed until you bring the one and only feature all your clients have missed over the years. If someone in your team really don't understand why this is so important here is a quick example.
I like Assassins Creed a lot, as I said above already. With syndicate you brought the next blockbuster in the chapter to my screen. Additionally it will be the first title I'll go to get a new gsync montior for. But depending on with locals are you using Syndicate is round about 41 GB of size. Unity, with was much bigger is almost 100 GB big.
Let's go back a few years and take Unity as an example for why a backup solution would be the one and only feature for the Uplay client.

Some years ago I went to my local retailer and bought Unityís disk version. I was so excited because Ubisoft decided to bring it out a retail version with 5 DVDís I expected the game would work just from the start!
But in fact we had a day one Patch that was as big as one of the DVDs in my retail box. Later on their where some more fixes and the games size gets increased and increased, again.
So now when you need to reinstall that title because you are a paginated gamer like me and like to have a new windows 10 11 or 12 or just because your system has had a virus for example. Currently you have to re download almost 1000 GB of files for only one title. And all because Ubisoft missed the great opportunity to give me the customer a backup feature.

Disk space is so cheap. And as Designers and programmers as you are I bet you know it. Your assets must take tons of disk space in Montreal and elsewhere. If you take your time and just sum the download size of the Assassins Creed franchise as an example you must begin the see the lite when it comes to discuss a backup feature in Uplayís client software. I am not the first user that begs you on its knees to implement one. And if you read your forum from time to time you'll see hundreds of users like me would love to have this opportunity. And these are just the brave ones. So if someone of you reads this. Please tell us what blocks you from implement a feature like this.

Bare in mind that Assassins Creed is just an example. Digital River delivers so much more titles with Uplay. But could someone be so honest ant tell us where the sense is in forcing users to download and download titles again and again over the years instead of let them do a simple backup of their files by providing offline installers or at least a backup function.

I would be pleased if UBI just shows again that it listens to the customers just as you did before with the G2A debacle (http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/02/02/ubisoft-reinstating-fraudulent-far-cry-4-keys-for-customers-already-playing.aspx).

Ubisoft we give feedback because of one reason

We love you

02-17-2016, 09:54 AM
Hey dinmikkith,

We do listen to all of the suggestions and feedback we receive even if we don't always answer them directly.
You can backup your game files manually with a few easy steps however we're investigating other ways to handle backing up games.

For now, what you can do is to:
Move or copy your game folder to your backup location.
When installing Uplay next time, choose "Download" on the game and it will ask you where you want to install the game.
Choose the location of the folder.
Uplay will verify your gamefiles instead of re-downloading all of them.

Hope this is of any help :)