View Full Version : Iq - patch - easy fix - please attention

01-16-2016, 07:25 PM
Hi Team

IQ is underused because her ability is to weak...

Fix Idea:

1.] IQ can deactivate detected operator objects, when she uses her ability in 2 (and +) meters range...
like in the near of a door or behind all kinds of walls.
more meter more defusetime... like
2 meter 2 seconds
3 meter 4 seconds
4 meter 8 seconds... and so on

2.] Objects dont explode, they loose their power... like Kapkan Lasertraps are still there, but without laserbeam... no sounds while defusing...

3.] Also she can multi pings automatically when she detected objects... Pings last for 10 Seconds for all attacking Operators defender objects will be visible.
Better placement option for all attacker abilities.

So IQ can support the Team and she is an good alternative for Thatcher/Twitch.
Also its adrenalin by usage when u deactivate things.

Please add things like this...

THX for the best game and best regards


01-18-2016, 12:59 AM
They should only be deactivated for a few seconds, so the Termite and IQ have to work together and coordinate.