View Full Version : Questions about Season Pass & unlocking

01-16-2016, 11:53 AM
Hi guys, I have finished syndicate back in Nov and have put it down ever since. I noticed the ripper dlc is out and there is some question I wanna ask before decide buy it or not.

The season pass is double the price of the ripper dlc alone. Actually what is the content of the whole season pass? Because I dun see much displaying on psn. Is the recently released chronicle India part of the syndicate season pass, just like chronicle China with unity? It seems really not much content of the season pass besides ripper dlc.

Another question I have is with the perks in the game, some seems really hard to unlock. These are the perks I have yet to unlock, guys plz give me some advice how to achieve them.

-multi-counter kill (50 times)
-countershot (countershot 2 in 10 second 25 times) this is insane
-road rage (kill 2 with carriage in 25 second 25 times)
-shoot the messenger (kill 15 lookout before ring alarm)
-electrifying (stun 4 with 1 bomb 50 times) where is the best spot to do this?

These are my unfinished perks that found difficult to complete. Plz feel free to reply and advise. Peace