View Full Version : Look for a Clan or Ranked Players

01-16-2016, 10:13 AM
Hey I live on the West Coast of NA I usually play from the times around 8am to 10pm on most days because I work graveyards. I am 25 years old looking for a competitive team or ranked players to play with. I don't have many ranked games played because it takes so long to find people and I don't usually like to play solo in ranked games with people with no mics. I have about a 1.3 W/L ratio and about the same K/D. My gamertag is GrainedEagle983 feel free to add me and lets get gaming. I love to play tactically and would love to find like minded gamers. Anyways thanks for the read and hope to see you on the battlefield!

01-17-2016, 07:17 PM

Think you have what it takes?

We are a 18+ community.
We currently have 1 competitive team
We are a small group of players who enjoy nothing else but to win.
We do not care about kill/death ratio or anything else except winning as a team.
We are always looking for additions to the family.
We will not just accept anyone into our community.

We make winners, your gun game will improve, your Win/Loss ratio will sky rocket. You will learn things about the game you had no idea about.

If you would like to learn more visit the above listed website, look around a bit, and apply.

If you're accepted as a recruit you will be judged not on your skill but your teamwork and maturity. We are a drama free community and just like to game with good people. There is opportunity to join or create your own competitive team once you meet the requirements. Our requirements to be a member are strict and if you want in and want to win, the requirements will not bother you because you will want to do everything required.