View Full Version : Ghost Recon Future Soldier crashes when Friend loggs in . (PC)

01-14-2016, 11:01 PM
HI , My Problem is that after ive installed the Raven Strike DLC the game Close itself when my Friend starts his Game .

When i start game and wait for friend in the Lobby to Play Raven Strike the game always Close itself without Error Message. When i kick my friend out of my Friendlist it works pretty good. But in the Moment he s back on my List the same **** as before Begins.
When he opens the Lobby and wait for me to join his game and his uplay Crash . So we ve not the same keys or something like this. Probnlem Begins after we installed raven strike ! I get no reactions from Ubisoft since 09.01.2016 . Perhaps you can Help ?