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Trill 303rd
01-14-2016, 04:07 AM

Welcome to the 303rd Chaos Battalion.
Before I start If you do want to join just submit and application on our site http://303rdchaosbattalion.weebly.comor message the GT: "Trill 303rd" on Xbox One.

We are a group on Xbox One that has only just started this week. The 303rd already has a promising player base already consisting of 10 members. We are all, for the most part, highly skilled and prove so on the battlefield. Our recruitment is currently open to anyone seeking to join. Although, be aware the recruitment line can close at any time as we are not actually a public based clan. We are fine with inviting people in but, we are primarily private based. So far the 303rd has a good amount of vets such as our leader "Trill 303rd" who is ex-military, due to this he has brought over some things he used while in the armed forces to give the 303rd a unique and fun style of community. We here at 303rd thrive for competitive play but, we do not want to be always serious. The members here like to crack jokes and go at each other so due to this we have a very inviting and fun community to hang around in. 303rd members are on everyday so you will usually not go without someone to play with. We have a very active leader who is on 8+ hours per day watching, leading and bettering our community. The 303rd stays in contact 24/7 through a useful app that can be accessed on any smart phone, web browser, or even as a windows 10 app, it is called Discord. We are console gamers primarily but, we do like to talk about other things and setup times to play. So, this is a easy and good way for us to do so. In our Discord chat we have 4 squads, 2 are casual based, and 2 are ranked based, also we will be implementing a game battles competitive team here shortly. In our Discord chat are voice servers that you can talk to other members in using a mic connected to your PC or even your phone mic works too. We hope you guys/girls are interested in getting 303rd up there as a good clan. We are not out there to be the biggest clan, we believe in quality over quantity so join up now while you still can!


Hello to all who arrive here.

As founder of the 303rd, I want you all to understand my philosophy on gaming and community.

The 303rd is not, per se, a publicly open community. As far as I see it, quality is more important than quantity. We are, for all intents and purposes, more of a private group that has a generous attitude about inviting people to play. We only allow people to join once they exhibit the right characteristics. There is a military style Chain of Command (work in progress). I will never expect you to call me sir though. There is no official tests or training periods. Attitude and character will get you much further than skill in this community. The 303rd will never condone liars, cheats or griefers.

I've been gaming almost all my life, and I've come to understand the kind of game play I truly want out of a multiplayer experience. I hope you feel a similar way. We are people who are competitive players at heart and this is a characteristic we like to see spark in all members that have and will join the 303rd.

The foundations of what make a great community are these:

Character is a person's willingness to be honest and conduct themselves in an honorable and respectful way even when no one is watching.

Attitude is a person's ability to stay positive, professional and constructive, and remember that their bad days don't mean everyone has to have one alongside them. This should be a great place to hang out and relax and play an enjoyable game alongside people you get along with. If it's not, the 303RD isn't the place for you. Having a generally ****ty attitude will result in you being asked to leave.

Participation is a person's general level of commitment to the 303RD community. We understand people don't have hours every day to play Rainbow 6 -- nor hours every day to sit on our Discord chat. However, we do pay attention to people's amount of participation and it does affect things that happen throughout the community. We expect people to be at least pretty active in our Discord chat since you can have it on your phone as an app, also on the Discord website, and as a Windows 10 app.

The foundations of what make a great multiplayer FPS experience are these:

Cooperation means working with your squad. It means using specialist the way they're meant to be used and using them to their full potential in order to be the most productive teammate you can be. This even means maybe choosing a specialist that will help the squad and not just yourself. Everyone, regardless of their role in the squad structure, always provides 360 degrees of security. Pick a cardinal direction and watch it. Predict enemy movement. Do not allow your buddies to die because you forgot to watch the flanks. Cooperation is communicating clearly. It is also keeping comms clear for efficiency purposes. It is knowing when and how to call out targets. It is listening to your teammates. Do not be afraid to speak up about different strategies, and be open minded enough to listen to others' ideas. Everyone is given a chance to fulfill these roles. By playing with the 303rd you agree to adhere to having fun with our members and working with your teammates when the games get going. You also agree to knowing if the is an issue, bring it up in a mature and respectful way to a leader. I hate sugar coating things, and being a jerk doesn't get things done. There is a middle ground. Find your way to it and prosper there. Cooperation is putting the team first. Never forget that this is a team effort. Victory comes to those who unite. The 303rd is comprised of members that understand that our K/D does not matter. The only thing that matters is fulfilling our roles and working together. If this does not suit you, you're welcome to find a different community. No bad blood, no disrespect. Cooperation is sportsmanship. What you do in this community and others affects how people view the 303rd. How you treat your opponents can improve or damage the image of the 303rd. At the end of the day, those other folks on the other side of the scoreboard are human just like you. Always take the high road, and always strive for camaraderie and mutual respect. Trash talking, flaming and general sliminess towards opponents will not be taken lightly. Each time you interact with opponents is a chance to improve the community of not only the 303rd, but Rainbow 6 as a whole.

Command is understanding that the community leaders of the 303rd have an Open Door Policy -- anyone and everyone is free to message them. If you're having issues with anyone or anything in the community, do not be afraid to contact someone. Inter-personal squabbles are not to be dealt with on the Discord chat. If you have an issue with someone, deal with it in an adult manner. PMs are an option but are not to be abused. If you choose to harass someone via PMs, you will be dealt with. If you are being harassed via PM, report it to administration.

Community is understanding that so much more can come out of simply playing a video game. The people we meet, the connections we make and the friends we become can potentially last a lifetime. There is a lot of potential in the underlying social aspects of gaming communities. People can be brought together to achieve great things, on or off the game. The better we cooperate and communicate, the better off everyone will be. Creating a solid community only increases the quality of life of everyone involved with it. Community is understanding your part within it and being committed to bringing your best to it.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. / Vince Lombardi

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to our time spent together. Your commitment to and understanding of this Mission Statement is appreciated tremendously.

-Trill 303rd