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01-13-2016, 11:37 AM

Free Content Patch 1 now available!

New Features

Welcome to the "Wildwater Bay"! This patch brings up a new Sector which is now available within the Temperate Region. Purchase it from a rival corporation and settle a new city in a large continental landscape. Also an old friend offers you a whole new Sector Project.
Free artworks for all players: In your installed game directory, go to /BonusContent/Artwork to get a large wallpaper and banner artwork of the "Wildwater Bay".
The World Market received a major update. It now contains a menu which tells you everything about the price development and your available routes.
Three new Ornamentals have been added to the Temperate Region.
The Corporation HQ now satisfies the needs for Information, Security, Mobility and Entertainment.


Audio messages aren't cut off anymore when the game is sped up.
Quest Objects will no longer accidentally spawn inside a crater.
Fixed a bug that caused Clients to stay in a Sector after their Quest was solved.
Fixed a bug that caused Feedback Units to disappear.
Fixed a bug that caused the Command Vehicle to spawn at a wrong place after a Sector Overtake.
Loading bars now correctly show 100% on time.
Sector Project Progress is now correctly shown in the Strategic Map filters.

The following changes affect all existing corporations. Be aware of possible changes to your economy.

Construction Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:

Biopolymers: Increased to 250 (from 150)
Construct-o-Bots: Incresed to 250 (from 150)
Superalloys: Increased to 250 (from 150)

Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:

Energy: Decreased to 1,500 (from 2,000)
Workforce: Decreased to 1,000 (from 10,000)
Credits: Increased to 15,000 (from 10,000)

Construction & Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ modules were adjusted:

Modules now cost 25 Iridium and 50 Graphene
Maintenance Costs are now increased by 5% per module (was 10%)

Some Achievements were adjusted to work with the new Sector "Wildwater Bay".
Bridges now take longer to construct and consume more resources.


The World Market received a whole new menu.
The Spaceport and Bridges menu was updated to better display the required upgrade time and costs.
The Corporation HQ menu displays the new supply it provides.
Modules now show their individual bonus and maintenance cost.
When selecting a factory or public building, all buildings of the same type are also highlighted.

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