View Full Version : New Assassin's creed Game?!!(spoiler)

01-13-2016, 08:09 AM
I wonder the next Assassin's creed game.will we be able to see reviving of Juno and will the Assassin's fight and kill her will she use some magic and find all the POE and use it to destroy whole man kind??!! I really need all full fledged Assassins to fight and will there be a modern day protagonist at least give initiate a character and move along the story I really din't feel that much excited or interactive with speaking to bishop I really miss the in game thing which died with Desmond. I also wonder why they take it from or learn from other games each game have it's own Uniqueness and I know Assassin's creed team have it too. I read saying that "we are learning from witcher 3 and Fallout 4".Both are different and has it's own plus and minus please UBI(Assassin's team) I Trust You and You too have Your own talents. I Love You, whole world may walk away but I won't. ;) I wish and I can Guess this initiate guy is going to be a full fledged assassin going to fight Juno but He/She should also train to become one. I really want 3rd person gameplay in Modern day. Next game is set in Egypt( I Hope so) If it is then please bring back the puzzle thing and a rare POE and use it let this game rock.Give players something new beyond the new.Twins Is FUN Thanks. if it is going to be Egypt then bring back Eve to fight Juno any one god should be there Design new weapon which has silent feature and heavy kills like phantom blade. Bring MOre unique weapons and new fight style like You did in Syndicate.You can give players boss fight(not simply countering moves). the video which i saw last (syndicate) was showing assassin's fight sigma team Galena,Shaun and Rebecca loosing POE. Back up is only GALENA?? Really I loved it seeing these faces and Thanks,You have improved Black box missions multiple way.The New Assassin's creed game I hope which will be launching on 2017 or soon :rolleyes: should do miracles. I want to say if it is going to be Egypt if I take the location it's sandy I think you can build secret passages, vaults ,camel ride, Swords back, The Bow and arrow,Egyptian Swords – The Sickle Sword or Khopesh,Egyptian Axes,Spears,Egyptian Throwing Sticks,Egyptian Chariots. kindly Please see these http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/List_of_unique_weapons i also want to say I found out our next POE in egypt my guess is Ankh."This cross is like a key which allowed a Traveler to pass through the Gates of Eternity..." .―Lucius talking about the Ankh to his son.(it's power is eternal life and can give out holographic projection) Wow dug all through to know it.This game should join Germany, Rome and Egypt Covering three big cities. Our hero should be Aquilus.Thak You Assassin's creed for happiness. Can anyone say why did they collect blood in syndicate after killing the target??