View Full Version : Legion Of Honor is recruiting for Siege!

DW Beastyy
01-11-2016, 11:53 PM
Legion Of Honor or LoH just recently started up some siege groups and we are trying to get some new members to join up!
We are a military based clan but you don't have to have military experience to join up. we ask that only 17+ age groups come in because we try to keep it as mature as possible. We are a solid group of people who like to get together and play, I have met some good friends through this clan. I can almost always get on and expect to have a group of people to play with. Important thing to remember though is that we are in it for fun, so you don't need to be a super skilled player to join. If you're interested head on over to legionofhonorclan.com and sign up!:cool: