View Full Version : TH not working on xb1 and more

01-07-2016, 02:24 AM
Not only terrorist hunt not working my Mic no longer works...team killing is not booting the killer....I'm sure you guys know these problems just wanted to update you on this end. And still connectivity issues with groups playing together. 5 people one gets kicked or won't let some people chose an operated. Sadly these issues has cause many of friends sale their game to game stop and they are bashing it. Please give me something to fight back with. Now they are saying that two of ubi up coming games they will not buy because of the issues with Rainbow. So now I'm begging for you guys at the game company for once hear your fans that love your games and want more to hear us in what we know that sale games. Everyone says they can't do this or that but then we see other games that say yes we can and will and do. No more excuses your marketers don't know the fans the big wigs don't know what we want and if you have heard us we could wait for the fixes. Ie offline terrorist hunt with friendly ai a split screen a single player. Keep up the good work and tell your serves its time to get that overtime cause they are jipping fans and making you guys look bad lol. Have a nice day and thanks for reading if this sounds like I'm *****ing sorry I'm not just letting you know from our end.

01-07-2016, 07:00 PM
I have been trying to play Terrorist Hunt -matchmaking mode and have not been able to play since yesterday. I can play lone wolf but not matchmaking. It kicks me off back to main menu after trying to join a game. It's not my connection because I can play regular multiplayer. Any suggestions?

01-08-2016, 10:51 AM
I hope ubi is reading how terrible things are. It's such a good game when it works

BlackSpider 777
01-14-2016, 02:44 PM
yeah terrorist hunt doesn't work, no players on "seas" servers but multiplayer works fine, i guess they connect to different servers for TH mode?

01-15-2016, 12:28 AM
Having same issues in Terrorist Hunt! Mic did not work when connecting to party with a friend! Then Terrorist Hunt appears unavailable at the same time each day! And that is for all Normal, Hard & Realistic! Multiplayer appears to load very quickly, but sadly you cannot game in this environment when you get killed so quickly! Hacks are a real pain! Thought this version of Rainbow would outdo Rainbow 6 Vegas & Vegas 2, but honestly it does not! So very annoyed that this game sucks so badly!!!