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01-06-2016, 05:02 PM
Good afternoon. My name is Sarke and Im an old HM&M player who have been playing this game for a while....
The feeling I have after years are passing by, are that this game is getting stuck in the past and doesent evolve the way it should. And when it does is not fast enought So...
Since im a constructive person and a big fan of this series Im here to put my little ideas about how this gme could be even better. There them goes:

Flanking: Is a good mecanic included in this tittle, but is a mecanic that have been not been aplied deeply enought.
How to improve it, few ideas:
Fast reflects: This unit will always turn around before being attacked so "can not be flanked".
Slow and Heavy: This unit will never turn around when attacked
The obvious thing: U should be abble to choose the direction heading when u end ur movement.
And the crazy stuff: Flanking only have suscess by chance after compairing unit attacker speed and defending unit speed. If a unit being attacked from 1 direction already is flanked from a diferent side the chance to get a flanking hit will increase.. Maybe adding the atacker unit speed to the one already attacking and them compairing them with the defender.
Another good rule could be. Attacks from behind will always flank.

Flanking ranged attacks: An arrow coming from behind or from one side should follow the same flanking attack bonus.

Here im using logic. Dragons hitting from 1st turn with their maximum damage always have been unfair since always and u can do nothing about it.
Also retaliate a fliying unit with a non fliying one with full power feels strange.
Few Ideas:
starting steps: Big fliying units need few steeps to start fliying. So they do part of their movement running before start flying.
Once they are flying we can add few mecanics.
1 When they attack from the sky they get a % of their damage dealt reduced since is easier to take cover against a fliying attack representing that is easier that some units in the atacked pack can avoid the attack. Also terrain should help giving extra protection against that.
In the other hand is also harder to retaliate a fliying unit so when them are fliying they should take only half damage retaliation from the attacked unit with few exceptions.
The attacked unit is another fliying one.
The attacked unit is a ranged one.
In both situations them should retaliate with full damage instead of half of it.
At the end of the movement the attacking player should also choose if he wants the unit to keep fliying or end the movement in the ground at the same time he choose the direction he is heading. The attacked should be able to fly the starting steps to any direction after a fliying attack to end the movement, and he will not do it if he is doing an atack from the ground, since he have done those steps already.
This fliying mecanics also have room to include few spells like the ones I will describe later.

Attacks from shadows: (invisibility) should be also never be retaliated. (thinking about some other spells) and should always be considered as flanking with a special attack bonus if the atackis performed from the back.

The climatic afects should also works into the battlefield. I mean, if its raining fire spells cant burn and will deal less damage. But will increase lighning spells efects.
This is only an example. but if u wanna go deep into this aspect i recomend you to play divinity original sin wich is another turn based combat, and check how many crazy stuff u can do with weather and elements.
Here theres a link to a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4MjkBCz0tQ

Few spells ideas:

Spells are always divided as buffs, courses, damage, control and u should add enviromental ones.
Theres a clear example about this one.

Strong winds: Performs a strong wind from the hero direction that last X turns and will make your fliying units go further that direction when they fliy increasing ur movement by X and also will make any flying unit that moves the oposite way decrease their movement by X. It has a chance to make a unit step back X positions from their final choosed destination.
Huricane: Make damage in a circle and makes close units move 1 position closer to the center of it. Criatures in the center take no damage unless they move but cant shoot or see outside of it...
Units close to the huricane cant fly.

Fog war: that makes ranged units fail or make them deal less damage. Or make units untergeteable if they are placed in the other side of it, or spells that give extra protection or make units become invisible for a while... those are some examples and some enviromental efects that could make the strategy battles goes much deeper exploring diferent mecanics.

Adding elements should b something to be considered also.. I mean, If u have that hurican and u perform a fire spell on it u should have a huricane covered on fire and dealing much more damage.
Also include spells like bone wall or those kind of thing to block paths to ground units with no special habilities
And give some counter posibilities to the heroes like teleport, Incorporeal Body: The unit can traspass or go trought rough terrain without any penalties...
Sunny day: Dispell any enviromental efect
etc etc...

Those are few ideas of how this game could b deeply improved. Hopefully u take them in consideration.

For forum managers. Leave this thread open so people can include their own ideas. It could b helpfull.

Id like also to include a review for the developers. Is a hard one, but the guy says many things that we all think, and some could b helpfull to make the game improve also in some other diferent ways.

Merry Chistmax and have a nice day.

PD: Feel free to correct me if my font size is too big, or my english is not correct. Its not my main lenguage so Im sure Ive commited into grammar mistakes.

01-06-2016, 05:26 PM
I forgot to mention another ideas I had.

I liked a lot the idea of Heroes 5 evolving units into diferents so u can go deeper into your army strategy customization.
But why u dont go deeper into it?

1 Example of this could be the Human griffin:
Tier 1 Griffin The normal one we all know from all heroes.
Tier 2 Griffin:
Option 1 Armored Griffin that can perform a straigt line atack like in older versions
Option 2 Mounted griffin with a spearman that can do strong flanking atacks (for example)
Option 3 Mounter griffin with a marksman that can shoot and move, move and shoot or only move. Even griffin does the atack in melee instead of the marksman.

Adding 2 or 3 options like that per unit could give an army a huge customization and strategy base that Im sure every single player would love.

01-06-2016, 05:34 PM
Hi Sarke04 and welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your feedback.

01-06-2016, 05:49 PM
Hi Sarke04 and welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks to u for ur kindness
Now lets read what people things and what ideas they have about it, Including yours...
I guess you are not alowed to say anything "incorrect" about the game but thinking about all u have probably readed till now, im sure u have some few ideas about what could be added to the game. Am I wrong?

01-06-2016, 09:09 PM
Honestly i think all the ideas you gave.....its just that first i would like to have the game working properly and well-balanced before introducing new stuff that could unbalace or bug the game even more.

But straight forward i like your ideas yes ;)