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01-04-2016, 10:51 PM
* I have split this post into two sections *

Top section is for players who would like to run customs and scrims and have competitive competition.
Second section is for players looking to get recruited for a competitive team. Both are welcome to add me and join up in this community showdown.


Hello, I'm a competitive gamer that has played many FPS on teams on just about every systems.. From the PS4 to the PC and Xbox all the way back to the Halo 2 days. Lots of experience in competition. LAN, and online ladders. I don't use GB much but for this game I'm reaching out to you other competitive gamers out there. I will be running customs all night and most likely each night from here on out. This post is to get players to group up if you want a challenge and to become a better player.

If interested in being recruited for a competitive team. Both Doubles and Team 5s. Then I have more info listed below, and I'll Fill my own info in first as an example.

PSN: xInfiniteOne
Bomb/Secure Area
Days/Nights/Weekends Central TMZ
Aggressive, Communication based plays. Fuze & Rook
Astro A50's
2016 Season we are looking to climb up ladder preferably to the top. Also running in tournaments.

If interested in being recruited Please fill this info out. (You can type over what I have pretyped for you)

PSN Tag:
Game Type Preference (In order) :
Hours available and time zone:
Play style, and favorite operators:
Headset and type. (ex: Astro-A40, TB-Elite 800, etc) :
Last tell us what you're looking to accomplish in the 2016 Seasons.