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01-04-2016, 09:42 PM
My friends and I are looking to start an eSports team for R6:S. We currently have 5 members. 3 solid members who are committed to playing GBs, UMG, any online tournaments, etc. The other 2 members we aren't too sure about. If you're interested in joining a team feel free to message me on Xbox Live, we'll run some Casual and Ranked matches to see how you par up. We aren't looking for an extraordinary team, we have our good days and we have our bad days. Two days ago we went on a 10 win streak in ranked and then a day later we took 2 losses in a row.


- Players 17 and older, who are able to travel if we eventually go to LAN tournaments

- Players that have a decent microphone, preferably a good gaming headset

- Players who can communicate constantly and use map call outs quickly

- Players who have a decent K/D and good W/L. We'll work with you on either, we aren't requiring a 4.0 K/D and a 9.0 W/L. To us, W/L matters more than K/D, as long as you play the objective, communicate well, and put rounds into a target that's all we ask.

- Players who are available in the evening. We all have jobs or school during the day, so we typically play evenings during the weekdays. Weekends vary from the afternoon to late night.

- Players who live in the US on the East Coast or Central US. We'd accept players on the West Coast, but the time difference makes it a bit difficult.
- Players willing to eventually chip in money for paid tournaments

- Players that have or can create a GB/UMG account or any account relative to any competition or tournament we're participating in

- Players who will not rage quit and give up on the team, it's okay to yell and get a discouraged or take a break after a match, but quitting will not be tolerated. Never give up on the team. You win some, you lose some. You have to understand that.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when a teammate is killed or in a bad situation and rather than call out what's going on, they decide to complain about dying or being hit first. CALL OUT WHERE YOU DIED AT OR WHERE YOU'RE TAKING FIRE FROM, IT ENRAGES ME TO HEAR PEOPLE IMMEDIATELY COMPLAIN ABOUT DYING RATHER THAN FOLLOW UP WITH A CALL OUT

This post may make this team sound extremely serious, but there are 3 of us who are enthusiastic about playing competitively. We're looking for two other dedicated players to possibly fill in for the two guys who are on the fence about it. We'd also like to expand and have a team of 12 members, two 5 man squads for competitive and to scrim against one another, and 2 members to fill in on either team in case someone can't make it. IF you're interested, please message me on Xbox Live or message me directly on here.

Please understand that we are JUST starting up a team, so it may be a bit disorganized at first working out a schedule, play time, and finding out who really is dedicated to playing this game competitively.