View Full Version : Rainbow 6 Cheating- Help

01-04-2016, 10:01 AM
To whom it may concern,
I have came across cheating and I do not know how to go about reporting it as I am new to the Ubisoft community.
Attached you will find a video of my teams ranked match.
As I would like to point out this has happened many times before but this one takes the cake. I have tried to contact the other players and assure them that cheating will not be tolerated by Ubisoft. Their reply was "Ubisoft does not care" and "Ubisoft won't do anything, we have been reported numerous amount of times." What really frustrated me is that fact, given in the images below, the other players rank of which is undeserved.
Please help me out and would appreciate a prompt response from the communnity.

Thanks guys,

Here is the video: